Why Gun Laws Don’t Work!

Why Gun Laws Don't WorkLet me begin this post by saying how despicable the Aurora shooting was and that I was not going to post anything on the subject until I felt it was reasonable to do so. It’s not reasonable to do so now, but the passive-aggressive in me has worn thin and I find myself needing to bring logic to the almost equally horrible accusations and falsehoods coming from our media and congress; that all guns need to be banned because only a few deranged lunatics don’t obey the laws.

Aurora Colorado suffered a heinous act of violence the other night in which a deranged lunatic shot and killed 12 people and wounded countless others both physically and mentally for decades to come. Lives were ruined. Despite the city of Aurora already having strict gun laws on the books, this savage was able to carry out his destructive fantasy with impunity, not because there weren’t strict enough laws, but rather gun laws don’t work. The sane and responsible people obey the “no guns” sign and disarm, while the lunatics simply ignore it. Defenseless against this heinous attack, I’m sure a few wished they too had disobeyed the silly sign.

Why don’t signs and gun laws work? For the same reason drug laws don’t work. Laws against murder don’t work. Laws against rape don’t work. Laws against shooting people don’t work. Laws against drunk driving don’t work. Laws against prostitution don’t work. If people want really to do something, they are going to do it regardless of the law. By definition, criminals don’t obey laws. Worse yet, deranged lunatics like the Aurora Theater shooter can’t even comprehend the laws. The only people who obey laws are law abiding citizens (by definition), and these are not the people we need to worry about, nor are they the people we should disarm so they can no longer protect themselves and their family.

The bottom line is, I have a right to defend my life and the lives of my family using a firearm. Period. The Second Amendment and logic says so. One might argue that I won’t stand a chance against a man in body armor, but how did that “no guns allowed” sign work? At least I’d have a fighting chance.

My right to carry a firearm for self defense is for when the laws don’t work. When all else fails. When a police officer isn’t there when you need them most. When the deranged lunatic or rapist has no respect for society and the very laws that were meant to protect me and my family. Had the laws worked, no one would have been murdered that night. The shooter would have seen the sign, then simply left. Just as one ignores the 25 mph sign, he ignored the no guns sign.

Laws preventing normal, sane human beings from protecting themselves won’t prevent attacks like this from happening. Ever. Disarming law-abiding citizens will only create more victims. Not save them.

Man, the Aurora shooter is a despicable piece of trash.


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