The COVID Dilemma and Contradictions

The guidelines and laws regarding COVID are changing as often as the sun sets and the moon rises. I’m all but convinced the health officials in charge truly don’t know what they are doing, are incompetent, or playing politics. And there’s nothing to say it’s not some combination of all…

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Camping at Pawnee National Grasslands

Took our first trip the Pawnee National Grasslands in Colorado. I don’t want to sound like such a downer, but I guess I was expecting a lot more isolation and solitude. And I don’t mean from a sense of too many people, but rather there is a lot of oil…

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Coachman Freedom Express 192RBS

We are pretty exited to be picking up our new 2021 Coachman Freedom Express 192RBS this Thursday! It’s been close to 8 years since we last had an RV travel trailer, and I’ve put a lot of thought into what I wanted this time around. First of all, length. We…

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Woke up Deaf in Right Ear (SSHL)

My story isn’t really all the different from the others who have experienced Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL). My issue started on the morning of April 30th, 2021 when I awoke to being around 80% deaf in my right ear. I went to bed without any cold, flu, or allergy…

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Favorite Salsa for Chips

Salsa! Not the music, but the wonderful spicy sauce of chopped, usually uncooked vegetables or fruit, especially tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers, used as a condiment. The endless number of recipes make trying new salsas as fun as wine and beer tasting, or even bourbons! They go with so many…

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Stop Algae From Growing in Chicken Water

Algae is a chlorophyll-containing, mainly aquatic eukaryotic organism, or more commonly referred to as the green stuff one finds in stagnant water. You can grow this stuff if you let water sit for awhile, but neither humans or chickens like it. And removing the algae can be a time consuming…

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How To Raise Baby Chicks For Eggs

Raising chickens turned out to be a lot more fun than I imagined. I was a bit nervous at first because we were venturing into the unknown, but after a few months I realized it wasn’t going to be difficult. In fact, as they got older, the easier it got….

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