Worst Debate Moderator of All Time – Martha Raddatz

The worst debate moderator EVER is hands down, unequivocally, Martha Raddatz. I was squirming in my chair at how bad she was, and I was only 15 minutes into the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan before I stood up and walked away. Oh my goodness that was horrendous.

Martha was attacking Ryan just as much as Joe Biden. This was an assault by the moderator! Unbiased? Haha, what a joke.

I think it was after the first question that Martha Raddatz turned to Ryan and attacked him, time and time again, over and over again, throughout the whole debate. Asking Ryan for specifics while never asking Biden for specifics. Asking what he would do and never asking Biden. Attacking Ryan’s ideas and never attacking Biden’s ideas. She repeatedly attacked Ryan’s positions and never attacked Biden’s position. It was unbelievable.

Martha Raddatz also lost total control of the debate. It was chaos. Complete anarchy. It looked like the streets of Greece. Biden was allowed to chirp, quip, harass, and interrupt with Martha jumping in, adding to the chaos.

Martha had it right. This debate was in fact historic, but not because this was the first time two Catholic’s were on the stage. It was historic because this was the worst moderated debate EVER.

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