Why I’m Not Voting for Obama

I’ve started a list of all the reasons why I won’t be voting for Obama, and it’s getting really long. When I look back at these items, I get a bit scared because some of them are borderline criminal, or flat out lies. It’s sad because Obama could have been an amazing leader. A man who could have helped obliterate the racial lines that still plague our country. Instead, he has used his charisma to chastise the rich, drive a wedge between the two political parties, and push false hope to a country of people who so wanted to believe the words he spoke would in fact come true.

So these are the reasons (in no order of importance) for which I will not be voting for Obama … and the list is growing …

Reason #1

As of 06/18/2012, Obama has played 100 rounds of golf. This is absurd. He can’t possibly have that much free time with all the crap going on in the country.

Reason #2

Obama’s Attorney General (Eric Holder) didn’t prosecute the Black Panther voter intimidation case. The Justice Department said there wasn’t enough evidence. Really? This video clearly shows two black panther thugs with billy-clubs standing outside a polling booth. Had the Klu Klux Klan been out in front with billy-clubs, would they have been prosecuted? Obama should have fired Holder for practicing racial bias within the top legal department of the country. This is totally unacceptable.

Reason #3

Obama chose sides in the Zimmerman/Trayvon case without knowing the facts. He shouldn’t have said a single word. The president should not be getting involved at that level.

Reason #4

Obama doubled down (gambling term) on green energy technology despite the failure of Solyndra and Fisker. He should not be gambling tax payer money. Especially when running a huge deficit where we are borrowing $1,200,000,000,000 each year to pay for things we can’t afford.

Reason #5

Obama Czars operate outside Congressional oversight. That means they can pass laws and regulations on their own without a vote. These czars are illegal and bypass the democratic system.

Reason #6

Obama pledged to cut the deficit in half within his first term. He hasn’t cut it at all, and in fact he has increased it tremendously. He has borrowed more money than all the presidents before him, combined. We now have a $16,000,000,000,000 debt that we will never pay back, simply because it’s mathematically impossible. The liar in chief once again saying whatever needs to be said to get re-elected. Who’s the bigger fool? The fool himself, or the fool who votes for the fool?

Reason #7

Obama has waged an intentional war between the rich and the poor which is dividing our country and making it weaker. This is not the action of a leader. A leader is supposed to unite people, not drive a wedge between them. How about he help bring the poor into the middle class instead of berating the rich and pulling them down? Why not make it easier for everyone to get rich?

Reason #8

The passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) was done behind closed doors, was non-transparent, and involved bribes to the big pharmaceutical companies. He signed the bill into law without anyone having read it. He said it would only cost $900 billion over ten years. What a lie. It’s now estimated to cost $2.4 trillion over ten years and it hasn’t even been implemented yet. It will fail because it will never be affordable. This is going to destroy the whole healthcare system in America, and people are in fact going to die as a result of it.

Reason #9

Obama’s attack on small businesses was completely un-American. He tried to back-peddle saying businesses didn’t create the roads. Yeah, whatever. Complete bullshit. He was attacking business owners by saying they couldn’t possibly have built their business without the help of government. The People can’t possibly do anything without the Federal Government allowing them to succeed. People … this is complete crap. Please don’t believe this. This is what authoritarians and communists say. You little peons can’t do anything without government.

Reason #10

Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law. Go here to read about it. The government has expanded its power over the people and taken away their liberties in the name of “security”. This too is bullshit. We are no safer now, than we were 10 years ago, and have been robbed of our liberty.

Reason #11

Obama’s involvement in Libya and Egypt has now put the Muslim Brotherhood in power (a known terrorist organization) which commits horrific crimes against women, homosexuals, and non-islamic faiths. He’s helped make one of the most inhumane organizations in the world the ruling party of a country. This will not go well. I promise you. Years from now, we will end up fighting a war against these same people he helped put in power, just like Saddam and the Ayatollah in Iran.

Reason #12

Obama overrode congress and sent $192 million to the Palestinian Authority. Overriding Congress is bypassing the democratic system. We don’t need another President Bush in power doing what he thinks is right. I thought Obama was going to be different. Guess I was wrong.

Reason #13

Obama banned offshore drilling then sent billions to Brazil, Columbia and Honduras so they could drill instead. This makes no sense. Why is he preventing Americans from harvesting their own resources? Why should we be buying other countries resources instead?

Reason #14

Obama granted amnesty to all illegal immigrants under 30 years of age with no felonies while telling everyone else to get lost. There are people who are legally applying for citizenship the correct way, but Obama is ignoring them. That’s not cool. Fix the problem. Don’t play politics with people’s lives. The only reason he’s letting them in is so they can vote for him come election time. That’s just poor leadership.

Reason #15

Obama must love poor people, because he has made a lot more of them. He has deliberately inflated electricity costs, gasoline costs, and heating oil costs. He as waged a war against coal, the cheapest resource by which to generate electricity, in favor of the highly expensive green energy modality. If green energy was profitable, the private sector would have found a way to make money from it. This whole green energy thing is cool … if it worked. The middle-class is being destroyed, or should I say is becoming dependent on government, which is totally un-American.

Reason #16

Obama has approved sanctions against Iran, but granted 20 countries exemptions so they can continue doing business with Iran. What good are the sanctions then? No wonder they aren’t working. And since when does Obama think he has the power to pick which countries will do business with Iran and which will not? This is not America’s role and it’s one of the many reasons why so many countries hate us. He’s only making it worse.

Reason #17

Obama promised that the unemployment rate would never top 8% if we passed his multi-hundred billion dollar stimulus. Well, not only did it rise, it hasn’t fallen below 8% for years. And that’s not even the real unemployment rate. The U5 number has it closer to 12% and includes all those who no longer qualify for unemployment and still haven’t found a job.

Reason #18

I don’t know what to think about Fast and the Furious. The whole thing just stinks.

Reason #19

Obama said no lobbyists would be admitted into his administration. He in fact issued an Executive Order forbidding it. But he did it in such a way that it was easy to circumvent the order so he could bring in big time lobbyists. Former CEO’s, bank executives, defense contractors and many others have joined the Obama administration. Another example of Obama not living up to his promise and purposefully deceiving the people to make it look like he was going to change Washington, but in fact it was just more of the same.

Reason #20

Under Obama, the median middle-class income has dropped by $4,200. He has weakened the middle-class, not strengthened it. More people are on food stamps and welfare than ever before. More people have fallen out of the workforce and are unable to find a job. Sadly, he deceives the people by using the U3 unemployment figure which doesn’t reflect the unemployed that no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. Open your eyes people.

Reason #21

I thought Obama was supposed to slow the rate at which healthcare costs were increasing? I don’t know about you, but I’m paying way more now than I was before. My healthcare costs seem to have accelerated under Obama. I now pay $94 week, where two years ago I was paying $72. EDIT: I just signed up for my company provided healthcare and it’s going to cost me $128 a week in 2013.

Reason #22

The price of gasoline has doubled under Obama. That’s a 25% increase in the price of gas per year during his first term. I don’t mind spending a little money each week on gasoline, but a 100% increase in gas prices in 4 years is ridiculous. And I’m not saying it’s totally his fault, but he’s done nothing to try and bring prices down, even during an economic recession. In fact, it would appear this is what he wants based on his drilling moratorium, scuttling the pipeline construction, and his statement about wanting electricity prices to “necessarily skyrocket.”

Reason #23

Obama always blames someone else for everything that goes wrong. That just gets old and is a sign of weakness. A leader will accept blame and find a way to overcome the obstacle. A leader does not throw people under the bus so he can carry on and look good. His actions disprove his merit and honor.

Reason #24

President Obama waged an illegal war against Libya. He did not seek approval from Congress prior to engaging in hostilities. Even the uber-liberal Senator Dennis Kucinich agreed that Obama’s actions were impeachable.

Reason #25

Countries are being overthrown. Iran has nearly developed a nuke and is threatening to vaporize Israel. The terrorist group, Muslim Brotherhood, is now in control of Egypt. The neo-Nazi party in Greece has 22% of the popular vote. The Eurozone is about to implode. Tensions between Japan and China are escalating. All the world Leaders are in New York at the United Nation’s meeting to discuss these topics and other world events, and Obama is traveling the United States campaigning for his upcoming election.

Reason #26

More United States soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan under Obama’s first 3 years in office (1,572), than all 8 years under Bush (575). Hard to believe, I know. But it’s true. And what’s worse, is that Obama has no plan on what to do in Afghanistan. We are training the Afghani soldiers, who are in turn killing our soldiers. More of the same? Sheesh.

Reason #27

US Ambassador to Libya was killed in Libya. What did Obama do? Nothing. Not a single thing. Clinton launched a cruise missile storm when the US embassies were attacked on his watch. Obama won’t even talk about it unless asked, and when he does answer questions, he says it’s a result of a youtube video released 3 months ago. No sanctions. No punishment. What the hell?!

EDIT: Turns out there was no security detail for the Ambassador of Libya. Why would you not assign a detached Marine unit to protect our Ambassador in a country that just went through a revolution and hates us, yet our Ambassador to France does in fact have a detached Marine unit? Not to mention, Ambassador Stevens repeatedly asked for security detail and no one helped him. Sorry folks, this is clearly negligent incompetence that resulted in our ambassador getting killed, or they are covering something up. Not a single person has been held accountable. UNREAL.

Reason #28

The main-stream media is so in bed with Obama, and that scares me. When the government controls the media, the People will never know the truth. I cannot support ANY administration that is backed by the media. The media is always supposed to be unbiased, otherwise, they are nothing but a government run news outlet.

Reason #29

Obama is bailing out the big banks with tax-payer credit. I say credit because they Federal Reserve is having to digitize money to pay for Quantitative Easing 3 (QE3). This is costing us taxpayers $40,000,000,000 a month, indefinitely. All that money is going to buy the banks bad debt from the bad loans they made, and we the taxpayers are paying for it with our government issued credit card. This is atrocious to me. Let the banks fail. I don’t want to pay their debts. Obama is stealing our money and giving it to the bankers.

Reason #30

Obama has spent $385 billion in Afghanistan, while Bush spent $171 billion. Why are we there again? I honestly don’t know anymore. I thought Obama was going to bring them home? Why are we killing Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan, but we’re helping Muslim terrorists get elected in Egypt and Libya (Muslim Brotherhood)? Makes no sense.

Reason #31

This is extremely bothersome to me. No one is allowed to call Obama unpatriotic under any circumstance no matter the evidence against him. However, he outright called President Bush unpatriotic for running up the debt. Then, Obama in 3 years runs up the debt by more money than all the presidents before him combined. How come no one calls Obama out on this stuff? Where is the media? Obama is a complete hypocrite and if you say that’s just politics, then he’s just a bad politician, and the people who voted for him a second time are stupid.

Reason #32

Obama didn’t get elected to help the “fat cat” bankers? Really? Then why is JPMorgan Chase turning in record profits? His policies, along with the Federal Reserve, have allowed the big banks to flourish while the smaller banks have struggled, and in many cases closed their doors to business. I thought Obama was against big banks? I thought he was going to fight for the small guy? Those voters were fooled again. The banks are sitting on record amounts of cash … taxpayers money.

Reason #33

Obama won the Nobel Peace Price! For what?! People who win this prize spend their whole lives fighting for peace. They spend time in prison. They sacrifice their livelihoods. Their friends. Their families. Their wealth. Their security. Obama was in office for less than a year, did nothing, sacrificed nothing and wins. Sorry, I don’t buy it. There was something else behind this.

Reason #34

Bush left Obama with a 7.8% unemployment rate. Four years later, it’s 7.9% and that statistic doesn’t include those who no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. It’s worse than when Bush was in office 4 years ago! It’s WORSE!

I think 34 reasons is enough. In fact, 10 was probably enough. This president is just awful.

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