Violent Crime in United States Down Sharply – 1992 Through 2010

Despite all the negative attention the mainstream media gives to isolated acts of violence, the facts clearly show violent crime in the United States is down sharply between the years 1992 and 2010. In fact, it’s remarkable. So remarkable, it’s hard to believe no agency, person, or organization wants to claim credit for such a heroic superman feat.

Perhaps that’s because no one knows why violent crime is on the decline, but it’s unmistakable that something amazing has happened. And when I say decline, I’m not talking about a highly irregular trend line whose average is lower. I’m talking about year after year irrefutable declines over a long duration.

Some might say “oh, just more statistics”, but I caution those folks. The data I graphed below came from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting website. That’s about as unbiased a sample as you’ll get, and if you don’t like my data, you too can create your own graphs and take a look for yourself.

violent crimeThe graph to the left shows the declines. The x-axis represents years 1992 through 2010. The y-axis represents crimes per 100,000 people. In all the categories, we exceed a 45% decline!

So why isn’t the media saying anything about this? Why are there no stories on these statistics? Why not after all the heartfelt tragedy, is no one mentioning anything about how much our society has calmed down and become more civilized? Yes, crime still exists and we’re a long way from Utopia, but when you listen to the news, it makes you think we are the wild, wild, west. This simply isn’t true. It’s time for some good news, and I mean that in both sense of the word.

Here’s another startling fact the biased media doesn’t want you to know about; The overall violent crime rate in Great Britain (population 65 million) is 6 times greater than that of the United States (population 330 million). That’s astounding. They have far more violent crimes (rape, assault, robberies, attempted homicide) despite having a much smaller population.

For all the talk about how little gun crime there is in Britain (and there is very little), it seems to have massively amplified the violent crime rate. Is this a good thing? More rapes, more assaults, more home invasions, more robberies but less gun crime?

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