There are no more endpoints available …

no more endpoints availableAfter setting up a new Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 bit server as a printer server, I ran into a problem: There are no more endpoints available for the endpoint mapper. I couldn’t share any of the printers in the Printer Management interface.

The solution (in my case) was quite simple, but not obvious, because the error message mentioned nothing related to printers.

Our server is set up on a closed network (classified) that is not connected to the Internet or any other networks. Lots of GPOs are applied, which lock the server down pretty good. I suspected one of the thousand or so policy settings was causing the issue, which was going to be a pin to troubleshoot.

However, after doing a bit of Google searching, I figured it might have something to do with the firewall, even though we don’t start the built-in firewall service. We turn off the firewall service and disabled it because it’s not needed. We’re behind a hardware firewall with ACLs on the router along with VLANs and we’re also on a closed-network that does not connect to the Internet. Turns out, when you stop and disable the firewall service, sharing of printers throws the obscure error “There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper.” and fails to share the printer.

The solution is simple. The service must be started! In order to share the printer, the firewall service must be set to Automatic and the service must be running. After that is done, you can share the printer. Once the printer is shared, you can re-disable the firewall service with no impact to the shared printers.

For whatever reason, the firewall service must be running to share the printer, but once shared, it doesn’t need to be running anymore. I suspect it needs to modify the firewall rules and it cannot do so if the service isn’t running. This is what generates the endpoint mapper error.

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