The COVID Dilemma and Contradictions

The guidelines and laws regarding COVID are changing as often as the sun sets and the moon rises. I’m all but convinced the health officials in charge truly don’t know what they are doing, are incompetent, or playing politics. And there’s nothing to say it’s not some combination of all three. In fact, this is likely to be the case.

After months of not wearing masks, more businesses, cities and States are once again making them required apparel. Apparently the epidemiologists were wrong when they said vaccinated people can’t spread the virus. The CDC now says they can. This is a pretty big “oops” if you ask me. And so was their earlier statements that the virus could live for several days on cardboard and other surfaces. Or, that masks themselves would do no good. Electron-microscope image of the COVID virus.

Many businesses as well as Federal and State governments are taking things a step further. They are requiring that all employees get vaccinated with a non-FDA approved vaccine (Update: Pfizer is now FDA approved, but two head Doctors at the FDA have resigned due to the politics involving the approval). If women have the right to do with their bodies as they please (e.g.; abortion), then all people should have that same right to chose what not to put in their bodies.

Moreover, we’re getting data from Europe, who’s been struggling with the Delta variant for longer than the US, that vaccinated people are still dying of COVID. Israel is the most vaccinated country in the world with over 80% of their population having received at least two doses. Their infections are now higher than last year (Source: Reuters). For now, the death rate is half of what it was before, but this too is getting worse as time goes on.

Initially, doctors and epidemiologists in the United States were saying that 99% of the people in the ICUs were the un-vaccinated. This isn’t true anymore. It’s now closer to about 70% and the number of vaccinated getting seriously ill is increasing. This means vaccines are not as effective at preventing death as initially thought. But this shouldn’t be too alarming since the death rate for both the vaccinated and un-vaccinated is still well under 1%.

Which then begs the question, why are vaccines required if they only marginally reduce the risk of death? And if people are still getting seriously sick despite being vaccinated, why must everyone get the vaccine?

This largely has to do with optics and not science, because those in charges need to show they are doing something, anything to look like they understand the situation and know what’s best. But it’s pretty clear, neither are true.

Perhaps the most annoying thing I see is when politicians and government officials preach to everyone how masks save lives as does social distancing. But as soon as the cameras disappear, so do the masks and social distancing. Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Governor Gavin Newsom, Mayor Michael Hancock are but just a few who flagrantly violated mandates and rules, some of which they themselves signed into law. This tells me if they aren’t worried, then neither am I.

If you remove the government “experts”, boil down the fat, and use common sense, it’s pretty easy to see everyone will at some point get the coronavirus, regardless of vaccination status. It may not be this variant, but it will be another. The virus mutates way too fast for a vaccine to remain effective. The new Mu variant has many mutations, which could easily allow it to escape already administered vaccines (Source: CBS News).

Based upon current mutation rates, we will never be able to vaccinate all 7.9 billion people on planet Earth before another variant emerges. Natural immunity and antibodies from past infections are more likely to stem severe illness than vaccines.

This COVID virus and its offspring variants are here to stay, as new ones are popping up all around the world (Source: SF Chronicle). And it’s probably best to keep the immune system pumped and primed to fight infection, which means exposure to not just COVID, but all the other viruses in circulation. Living in a bubble is not a good idea, unless of course you are high risk and have no other option.

And masks don’t work because a vast majority of the masks being worn are ineffective. Not to mention, just about everyone doesn’t wear one correctly. “Experts” are now starting to push N95 masks, but many N95 masks have a valve which means the air is filtered when you breath in, but not filtered when you breath out. Therefore, it’s actually worse to wear valved N95 masks than just a cloth mask. No matter, because as previously mentioned, masks don’t work. We’re seeing infections rates soar in areas where they are required (Hawaii, California, Israel, etc).

I don’t have the answers. I’m not an expert at anything. But I do have common sense. Enough so to see that this pandemic is being politicized and the true “experts” really don’t know that much. They don’t know what to do, or what’s going to happen, but they have to appear as if they are doing something. Problem is, in doing so, they are creating distrust.

The virus didn’t spread like they thought. Their models were completely wrong, which is why you don’t even hear them talking about them anymore. The initial death projections were way off target. They said masks won’t matter, then all of a sudden they did matter. The vaccines were 99% effective at stopping severe illness, but now it’s closer to 70% and dropping. The vaccinated can spread the virus just easily as the un-vaccinated, despite that being a major reason as to why they said we must vaccinate (so we don’t spread it further). There is also evidence that people can get infected more than once with either natural antibodies or the vaccine. This is why government health agencies are in total disagreement about booster shots.

I’m more scared of the “experts” lack of understanding, claiming they know what’s best and forcing their uncertainties onto the the general population with what almost amounts to forced inoculations. The government forcing people to do something with their body is far scarier than the virus itself.

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