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Has Inflation Already Arrived in the United States?

For those of you who think inflation hasn’t hit the United States, think again. All one needs to do is visit the grocery store, go to the gas station, or look at the prices of the raw materials used in manufacturing, farming or construction. It’s pretty hard to dispute prices haven’t dramatically risen over the last few years. So why all the confusion about the inflation rate and how it’s affecting prices? The government would like you to believe inflation is under control and right around 3.1% annually, which they…
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State of Our Economy – April 2011

Ok, so here it is … the month of April 2011. Pretty much more of the same. The biggest items that have me concerned at the price of oil and the value of the dollar. The Bad Standard & Poor lowered the long term debt rating of the United States from neutral to negative. This means our long term financial stability is unreliable. This could in turn lead to higher interest rates when the government borrows money. In other words, when the government issues bonds to raise money to pay…
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