Record High Temperature by State

The following is a list of record high temperatures for each of the 50 states and on what date that temperature occurred. These temperatures are official and don’t take into account heat index. All these records are based on 2004 data:

State Temperature Location Date
Alabama 112°F Centerville September 5th, 1925
Alaska 100°F Fort Yukon June 27th, 1915
Arizona 128°F Lake Havasu City June 29th, 1994
Arkansas 120°F Ozark August 10th, 1936
California 134°F Greenland Ranch July 10th, 1913
Colorado 118°F Bennett July 11th, 1888
Connecticut 106°F Danbury July 15th, 1995
Delaware 110°F Millsboro July 21st, 1930
Florida 109°F Monticello June 29th, 1931
Georgia 112°F Greenville August 20th, 1980
Hawaii 100°F Pahala April 27th, 1931
Idaho 118°F Orofino July 28th, 1934
Illinois 117°F East St. Louis July 14th, 1954
Indiana 116°F Collegeville July 14th, 1936
Iowa 118°F Keokuk July 20th, 1934
Kansas 121°F Alton July 24th, 1936
Kentucky 114°F Greensburg July 28th, 1930
Louisiana 114°F Plain Dealing August 10th, 1936
Maine 105°F North Bridgeton July 10th, 1911
Maryland 109°F Cumberland July 10th, 1936
Massachusetts 107°F New Bedford August 2nd, 1975
Michigan 112°F Mio July 13th, 1936
Minnesota 114°F Moorhead July 6th, 1936
Mississippi 115°F Holly Springs July 29th, 1930
Missouri 118°F Warsaw July 14th, 1954
Montana 117°F Medicine Lake July 5th, 1937
Nebraska 118°F Minden July 24th, 1936
Nevada 125°F Laughlin June 29th, 1994
New Hampshire 106°F Nashua July 4th, 1911
New Jersey 110°F Runyon July 10th, 1936
New Mexico 122°F Waste ISO Plant June 27th, 1994
New York 108°F Troy July 22nd, 1926
North Carolina 110°F Fayetteville August 21st, 1983
North Dakota 121°F Steele July 6th, 1936
Ohio 113°F Gallipolis July 21st, 1934
Oklahoma 120°F Tipton June 27th, 1994
Oregon 119°F Pendleton August 10th, 1898
Pennsylvania 111°F Phoenixville July 10th, 1936
Rhode Island 104°F Providence August 2nd, 1975
South Carolina 111°F Camden June 28th, 1954
South Dakota 120°F Gannvalley July 5th, 1936
Tennesse 113°F Perryville August 9th, 1930
Texas 120°F Seymore August 12th, 1936
Utah 117°F Saint. George July 5th, 1985
Vermont 105°F Vernon July 4th, 1922
Virgina 110°F Balcony Falls July 15th, 1954
Washington 118°F Ice Harbor Dam August 5th, 1961
West Virgina 112°F Martinsburg July 10th, 1936
Wisconsin 114°F Wisconsin Dells July 13th, 1936
Wyoming 115°F Basin August 8th, 1983

Hawaii and Alaska are the only two states which have the lowest, record high temperature at 100°F. The temperature of 134°F in California is the second highest official temperature in the world. Of the 50 states, 15 recorded their high temperature in 1936.

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