Setting up a T1 Controller on a Cisco ASR1000

I’m not too verbose with Cisco, and I’d barely call myself a network administrator. But I’ve done enough to realize each Cisco router seems to be a little bit different. For example, on some routers the interface is the only thing you need to configure. But on some routers, you must also configure the controller as well. That was the case on our Cisco ASR1000 series router. As such, I had to configure the T1 interface as follows:

config t
controller t1 0/2/2
channel-group 2 timeslots 1-24
framing esf
linecode b8zs
cable length short 110

int s/0/2/2:2
DESC T1 to
ip address
bandwidth 1544

The above command sets up the T1 interface and assigns an IP address. Since a T1 is made up of 24x 64 Kbit DS0s, I just bundled all 24 together for one big pipe (1.544 Mbit) and called it group 2. So, when you look up the interface serial 0/2/2 you must also reference the channel group, in this case :2.

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