Pictures of Old Farms

old farmAlthough Colorado is synonymous with beautiful Mountain vistas, the Great Planes have their beauty as well. Many of the old farms, now worn down and in shambles, bring back a haunting simplicity to the way life use to be. Desolate, arduous and lonely, they are relics of a time long past, yet captivate the modern day imagination of how things used to be without cell phones, the internet and grocery stores.

About 40 or so miles east of Colorado Springs on one those roads identified by just a number is an old corral with what appears to be an worn down home in the background. The windmill is somewhat new (perhaps built in the last 50 years), so it appears the farm may still have some “functional” use. I can only imagine what the winters must have been like back then. Here’s another version of the same photo, processed with a rosy sepia-tone and a good ‘ol fashion blurring vignette.

old farmThis photo gives better insight into what life must have been like back in the day; lonesome! There was nothing within miles of this old building. Perhaps the rest of the homestead has deteriorated to the point it’s no longer visible. Or maybe this wasn’t a home at all, but rather a stopping point for a bit of rest on the trek westward.

Both the photos to the left were taken with my new Canon 6D. A big difference from my old Canon Rebel XTi.

The picture below isn’t quite as old as the others, but it still shows the remoteness of cattle watering holes. Windmills like this scatter the countryside, accessible only by desolate dirt roads that lead into the barren horizon.

old farmThis photograph was taken using my new Canon 16mm-35mm f2.8L USM II lens. This lens is truly amazing when coupled with the full frame Canon EOS 6D. Despite the full image being cropped by about half, the sharpness and clarity is still superb. I wanted to get closer to the subject, but this gentleman was non-too-please by my presence. He didn’t have to say a word. I knew this was his land and I wasn’t about to negotiate a temporary Visa. I was also a bit nervous the tiny barbed wire fence was of little significance to this 2,000 stud. Especially with his woman nearby.



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