Can Lightning Strike Me Inside My House?

lightning facts

Lightning cannot directly strike you’re inside your home. But the electricity produced by a lightning strike can travel through conductive surfaces such as wires and pipes within your house. If you happen to be touching one of theses wires or pipes (think landline telephone or shower) you can be electrocuted. Lightning is a master of trickery and can do some pretty strange things. Just remember though, the odds of you being struck by lightning inside a building during a thunderstorm are considerably worse than winning the Powerball lottery. Lightning has…
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Mandatory Hurricane Evacuation – Don’t Ride it Out!

Ignoring a hurricane evacuation order and riding it out is a very risky and potentially fatal decision for a number of reasons. Hurricanes are a very serious storm that should never be taken lightly. If local officials are telling you to evacuate, it’s best to take their advice and get out of harms way, regardless of how big the hurricane is or what type of house you live in. Hurricanes can travel great distances and have very irregular paths. As an example, in 1995, hurricane Roxanne had one of the…
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Outrun a Tornado In a Car?

tornado car

Is it possible to outrun a tornado in a car? Many believe so, but they’re making a dangerous bet. While it’s true both cars and motorcycles are faster than tornadoes, the biggest problem with this line of thinking is they must also stay on the road and obey traffic laws. Tornadoes do not. One might think if a tornado is chasing them, they can just blow right through stop signs and stop lights. Adhering to this logic may be more dangerous than trying to outrun the tornado itself. Chances are…
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Colorado Blizzard – April 7th, 2005

On April 7th 2005, we were starting to get the first indications that there might be a significant Colorado blizzard heading towards Colorado Springs. Most of the time, these weather events are hit or miss in that they may or may not have that much of an impact on our location. We don’t actually live in Colorado Springs. We’re about 8 miles east in the town of Falcon and due to the geography, we fall in the “rain shadow” of Black Forest and the Palmer divide. This means any storms…
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Can It Be Too Cold to Snow?

too cold to snow

This could be a very technical discussion, so I will try and keep it simple. The answer to the question of can it be too cold to snow is no, but is gets increasingly difficult the colder it gets. Let’s familiarize ourselves with an important concept. Warm air can evaporate a lot more water than colder air. There is more water vapor present for producing precipitation in warm air than in cold air. When any air mass reaches the point where it can’t absorb any more vapor, it becomes saturated,…
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Large Hail Storm Hits Eastern Colorado

Colorado hail storm

What I saw this day was nothing I could of ever expected. A large hail storm ravaged the eastern plains of Colorado, producing and an eerie, cold, and vastly different landscape than the 80+ degree weather I left from just 30 minutes earlier. As I headed east toward Ellicot, Colorado from Schriever Air Force Base, it didn’t look like I was driving into any ordinary storm. In fact, it looked more like a blizzard rather than a thunderstorm. Something you’d expect to see in December or January, but not in…
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