Can It Be Too Cold to Snow?

too cold to snow

This could be a very technical discussion, so I will try and keep it simple. The answer to the question of can it be too cold to snow is no, but is gets increasingly difficult the colder it gets. Let’s familiarize ourselves with an important concept. Warm air can evaporate a lot more water than colder air. That is to say, there is more water vapor present for producing precipitation in warm air than in cold air, and when any air mass reaches the point where it can’t absorb any…
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Large Hail Storm Hits Eastern Colorado

Colorado hail storm

What I saw this day was nothing I could of ever expected. A large hail storm ravaged the eastern plains of Colorado, producing and an eerie, cold, and vastly different landscape than the 80+ degree weather I left from just 30 minutes earlier. As I headed east toward Ellicot, Colorado from Schriever Air Force Base, it didn’t look like I was driving into any ordinary storm. In fact, it looked more like a blizzard rather than a thunderstorm. Something you’d expect to see in December or January, but not in…
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