Consumers Confused About Digital TV Transition


Starting February 19th, 2009 all the TV transmitting towers in the United States will turn off their analog signals and only broadcast in digital … and this has many people very confused. What does this mean? How will it affect you? Do you have to buy new equipment? How much will it cost? In all likelihood, a vast majority of the people will have to do nothing. There are three reasons for the transition from analog to digital. The first being, digital signals are much more efficient and use a…
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Hockey Skate Profiling and Contouring

hockey skate

Most amateur players don’t know what their hockey skate radius or rocker pitch is. Some wouldn’t even know what you are talking about while others would say it’s not that important. But I guarantee, if you were to change it on them, they would most certainly notice a big difference. And I’d bet anything that each pro-skater in the NHL knows exactly what their profile is, or has a trainer that knows exactly what they want. Some NHL’ers even ship their skates back to a trainer on another team once…
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WSUS Disconnected Network Updates Not Downloading

WSUS Offline Updates

I work on a network that is completely isolated from the internet. Therefore, I need to have two WSUS servers; one connected to the internet, which harvests the updates and the metadata, and the second on the isolated LAN. If you’re in the same situation, read below. Each week, check for updates on the internet connected WSUS server and approve if needed. Once the content has finished downloading, export the metadata and the content data to an external storage device. Sneaker-net copy it to the isolated network, import the metadata…
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My 2008 Ford Mustang GT Premium

Ford Mustang

Way back in my college days I had a 1987 Ford Mustang LX. Sporting the 5.0L V8 and 215 HP, it was actually pretty fast for its day. I remember having a blast driving the car and the power was perfect for merging into tight fast moving traffic from a standstill. Something you encounter quite often on the busy streets in Silicon Valley. After graduating from College in 1999, I traded in the ’87 Mustang and bought a used 1997 Ford Explorer Sport 4×4 from the dealer per-certified lot. I…
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Insulating a Garage: Is it worth the money?

Garage Insulation

Saving money on energy bills is a good thing, especially in very warm or cold climates where the AC or the furnace have to run a lot. It can costs hundreds of dollars a month to make the living space comfortable. However, the garage is a different story. Trust me, I found out the hard way. I will never recoup the money I spent insulating. On very cold days, the paint and other supplies still get ruined. Here in Colorado, temperatures regularly drop into the single digits. I just wanted…
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Blu-Ray or HD-DVD? Is the War Over? Update: Yes

bluray vs hddvd

It would appear the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD format war is entering the final stage. I give it about a 90% chance that Blu-Ray will be victorious in the biggest format war since Beta-Max and VHS in the early 80’s. In early January of 2008, Warner Bros, owned by Time Warner announced they would exclusively support the Blue-Ray technology. However, they will continue to produce new releases until the end of May in the HD-DVD format. The announcement was made by Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO, Warner Bros. and Kevin Tsujihara,…
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Benefits of Electric Vehicles Over Gasoline

In the past, electric cars were more of a joke than a practical solution. Even today, when most people think about an electric car they immediately remember the EV-1, a tiny little shoe box that could barely travel at freeway speeds and had a range of at most 70 miles. It’s understandable why no one was interested; It simply wasn’t fun and was barely practical. However, the electric car has drastically changed since then. The Tesla Roadster is an all electric car, but get this: it can accelerate from 0…
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