Can Lightning Strike the Same Place Twice?

As a kid, I remember adults saying lightning never strikes the same place twice. To this day, I still hear people referencing this old saying, or should I say, myth? Can lightning strike the same place twice? Lightning doesn’t have a memory, and if an object has been struck once, it is no less likely to be struck a second time. The shuttle launch pad at Cape Canaveral gets hit time and time again, sometimes more than once in the same storm. How about the Empire State Building in New…
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Xfinity and NHL Center Ice: Few HD Channels (2019-2020)

How in the world does Xfinity not have all the NHL Center Ice games in HD? It’s baffling to me that a cable provider as big as Xfinity in 2019 doesn’t have every channel in HD. So, fair warning to all those NHL Hockey fans thinking of getting Xfinity and the NHL Center Ice Package: be prepared for disappointment. As of the 2019-2020 season, there are only two dedicated channels for NHL Center Ice on Xfinity that are in HD. But what happens if more than two games are playing?…
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Associated Press (AP): Biased to the Left?

Associated Press

News agencies and journalists have always been biased to one side of the political spectrum or the other. It’s nothing new. No matter how far back in time one goes, every single media outlet, magazine and newspaper has exhibited some form of bias. So it should come as no shock to anyone, that the media is still biased today. Some like to think one agency is less biased than another, and while that may be true, one must always keep an open mind and apply critical thinking skills when reading…
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Recession Imminent Due to Liquidity Problem?

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell

UPDATE: Since this original post, the Fed has now pumped more than $1T into the banking Repo markets and there is no end in sight. Fed Chairman Powell today indicated the US was not heading into a recession and said the economy is doing quite well. Consumer spending is up, housing starts are good. But in the same breath indicated the Fed was again cutting its lending rate by a quarter of a percentage point. Seems rather contradictory considering the Fed cuts its rate when it needs to spur the…
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RAW vs JPEG: Which Format is Better?

Milky Way at Zion National Park

Many photographers don’t fully understand the differences between JPEG and RAW files. Many wonder if one better than the other, and if so, how and why? Quality-wise, there is no difference between a RAW file and a JPEG. In truth, that statement doesn’t really make sense, because a JPEG is created from the RAW data on the camera. Either your camera creates the JPEG from the RAW data, or you the photographer creates the JPEG from the RAW data using software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Post-processing is the process…
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Paraglider Caught In Thunderstorm and Survives!

Thunderstorms are very powerful events. They can produce grape fruit sized hail, terrifying lightning, strong winds, torrential rains and tornadoes. But another less noticed product of a thunderstorm is the updraft, unless you happen to be caught in one while flying a paraglider. That’s exactly what happened to a German woman who was flying a paraglider in Tamworth, Australia while training for the World Championship. Caught in a powerful updraft, Ewa Wisnierska found out first hand how terrifying and painful a thunderstorm can be. While training in her glider, two…
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Deleted My Facebook Account for Good!

Delete Facebook

At one time I was addicted to Facebook. Pure and simple. I checked my Facebook account every 5 to 10 minutes looking for that dopamine high one gets when they see people liking their posts. I craved the interaction, the replies, the sympathy, and people agreeing with me. I loved standing on my proverbial soapbox, posting stuff on my timeline that was tantamount to speaking publicly in front to 300+ “friends”. Something I’d never, ever do in a real life public forum. Oh, how I hate public speaking. I felt…
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