Floating Wall Basement Remodel

Colorado has what are called expansive soils, in that the clay will expand when it gets wet. This can cause the concrete floor of the basement to heave vertically an inch or two should the soil get wet. Therefore, when framing a basement, one must utilizing a floating wall construction….

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The 2010 Census: You kidding me!?

So, today we received the 2010 American Survey Census questionnaire and I was absolutely blown away with the questions they want me to answer. Especially when the ACORN crooks are going to be collecting and sifting through the data. I can understand them wanting to know how many people live…

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Do UFOs exist? Where is the Proof?

Have you ever wondered why no one has ever been able to capture a single piece of credible evidence of a real extraterrestrial UFO? Do UFOs exist? Nearly everyone all around the world now carries a smartphone that can not only take pictures, but also video. Why has no one…

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When Will We Run Out of Oil – Peak Oil?

No one knows how much oil remains untapped beneath the Earth’s surface, but it’s a lot. To the surprise of many, we are not going to run out anytime soon, and there are a lot of people with vested interests in making sure no one knows. Big Oil, OPEC, speculators…

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Is a Home Security System Worth the Money?

I’ve seen a lot of advertisements for the ADT and Brinks home security system on TV lately. Both companies have rather comical commercials because in each of the advertisements, the home invader kicks down the door, makes a face like a gorilla, then immediately run away when they realized someone…

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Wasted Electricity – Vampire Power

Vampire power is a way to describe the electricity wasted by some electronic devices even when they are not in use. Examples include TV’s, DVR’s, automated coffee machines, printers, power bricks for laptops, iPhones, iPads and much, much more. So, just how much electricity are these devices really using, even…

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The Government’s $700 Billion Bailout

The government has decided they will privatize profits, and socialize losses – but only for big corporations that are poorly run. You as a common citizen will not receive such treatment, and unlike the large corporations you will be held responsible for your poor decisions. The government isn’t interested in…

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