New Colorado Gun Laws Will Not Reduce Gun Crime

Tragedy surrounds each and every one of us. It’s just the sucky part of life we all face. Some of us were dealt a bad hand, others were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and still others may have been the victim of a violent crime. While nothing can be done about the first two scenarios, some believe they can pass laws preventing the latter from occurring. The new gun laws drafted by democrats in Colorado are trying to do just that; legislate crime from happening.

The problem is, the solutions being proposed by Colorado Democrats are not logical and only focus on one thing; banning firearms. Some would say that is ludicrous and that is not the goal, but I disagree for this very simple reason; what’s the logic to limiting a magazine to 15 rounds? Why not 14? Why not 16? What’s so magical about the number 15? The only reason to pass a law like this without any science backing it is to set a precedent so that the next time tragedy strikes they can reduce the number to 10, then 5, then 1, then none. Disarming and punishing law abiding citizens from protecting themselves against criminal attacks is the wrong course of action and will not solve the violent crime problem. It only creates more victims.

Sadly, Democrats are gambling with your life. The new Colorado gun laws being voted on in the State legislature will take us down the same road Washington DC, Detroit, Chicago and the entire state of California have traveled; less guns or more gun laws do no equate to lower gun crime. Those States and cities have the highest gun crime rates in the country.

Removing firearms from law abiding citizens and forcing them to be dependent upon the police for protection is downright dangerous. Nevertheless, Democrats bet that if more restrictive laws are put in the books which prohibit the ownership of certain firearms and reduce the number of rounds in a magazine, that everyone will obey the laws and there will be less gun crime. In other words, they are playing your inability to protect yourself against a criminal obeying the law. When did our politicians start trusting criminals to obey laws? This is lunacy.

Gun laws

There is a deep seeded belief that gun laws solve gun “problems”. Both anti-gun and pro-gun advocates will reference statistics spanning the globe, from Switzerland where every adult male is required to have a fully-automatic military grade weapon in their house, to Japan which has banned all firearms. Both have ridiculously low gun crime rates.

Is it because laws requiring gun ownership reduce crime, or laws banning gun ownership reduce crime? The answer is neither, but instead has to do with culture. After the Tsunami in Japan, people patiently waited in line to receive supplies and there was no looting anywhere in the country. Do you think the same would be true in the United States? Of course not. Look up Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, or the LA Riots back in the 90’s on YouTube. Worse yet, search YouTube for armed robberies, home invasions, and rape. There are some really bad people out there who don’t obey laws.

And this is what anti-gun supporters fail to realize; the culture in America is different than most other parts in the world. It’s unique, for reasons both good and bad. There is a percentage of the culture that doesn’t wait patiently in line or help others. They help themselves at the expense of others, despite what the laws mandate. They steal, rob, rape, loot, or kill to get what they need, or want.

No law(s) will ever change this because it’s impossible to legislate morals and kindness, and as long as there are people like that, then the descent law abiding citizens should have the right to defend themselves from the those who don’t obey laws. After all, it’s not the law-abiding citizen that’s committing gun crimes. Taking away their ability to defend themselves will only create more victims. So as long as our culture remains as it is today, people must retain the ability to defend themselves.

Baseball bats, crowbars, knives, pressure cookers, and guns don’t commit crimes. People do.

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