Motorcycle Smartphone Mount – RAM Mount X-Grip

smartphone mount RAM Mount X-GRIPI needed a smartphone mount for my motorcycle for a couple reasons. Carrying a cell phone in my pocket while riding was quite inconvenient. Especially since I use it as an MP3 player so I can listen to music. Changing playlists and adjusting the volume without first pulling over was pretty much impossible, or if I did try, it was not safe to say the least. And since I also use my smartphone as a GPS device (like most other people), I needed to mount it somewhere so I could see it.

After a bit of research, I decided to go with the RAM Mount X-Grip smartphone mount for my BMW 800 GS Adventure. Right from the start, I was very impressed.

The mounting claw (as I call it) is easy to install. You don’t need any special tools and it can be done by hand. Removing it is just as easy. It does an excellent job of grabbing onto the handlebar, in large part due to the small rubber pads that increase friction. Once tightened, there is no way this mount is coming off under normal riding conditions. Even if you were to put the bike down, I’d be willing to bet money it still wouldn’t come off. The X-Grip (the part that the phone fits into) fits into the mounting bracket using a ball joint and is also tightened by hand. Once together, you can adjust the angle, pitch and swivel.

smartphone mount RAM Mount X-GripI have an iPhone 6 Plus, so I had to make sure I purchased the correct X-Grip. There are different sizes to accommodate the various sized phones and GPS units available on the market.

Four rubber grommets are used to squeeze the phone, securing it in place. If you look at the picture, you might think the phone would slowly slide downward and out from the grip due to vibration, but that’s not the case. The grip is tight enough that if you position the phone such that one of the grommets is over the volume or screen lock button, it will depress them. Because the grommets are rubber, they grip the phone nice and snug and there is no slippage (my phone is in a protective case and it still fits within the X-Grip).

My mount is positioned such that the windshield does not provide any protection. Despite this, even at 90 mph, the phone was not even close to dislodging from the mount. Since it is mounted on a motorcycle, there is vibration, but neither the phone or the mount have ever loosened. It’s very solid.

There is also a webbing that can be used to secure the phone even more, but I don’t like using it for a couple reasons: 1) it’s not needed, and 2) I have to put it in my pocket when I reach my destination and the phone is removed.

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