Install House Wiring Inside Finished Walls

flexible drill bitWe have a DirecTV Dual Tuner Tivo in our bedroom, but unfortunately we only had one coax cable jack. So we couldn’t record one show and watch another at the same time unless we ran another cable into the bedroom from the basement. A daunting task because I didn’t want to run the cable around the baseboards and I didn’t want to run it all the way around the house and in through the outside wall. That leaves just one option, and that was to go up through the interior wall.

At first I thought this would be an easy do-it-yourself task. I thought an interior wall would be hollow and I’d simply be able to drop the cable down the wall between the studs and fish it out through the ceiling in the basement. I was wrong. In newer construction homes, there are 2×4 fire breaks between the studs which make this a not so simple task. I then thought about cutting a square hole in the dry wall at the firebreak, drilling a hole through the firebreak, passing the cable through, but came up with a better idea. Because we have a split-level home, the hole in the dry wall would of been in a very visible spot and unless I patched it perfectly, the wife would of had my head.

So my solution was to buy a 72″ flexible drill bit extender and a wire puller (called a glow stick at Home Depot). The sub-floors are made of a high density plywood so a battery powered drill will have some problems punching a hole through it unless you’ve got an 18 volt drill. Getting through the 2×4 was no problem. Using the flexible drill bit is a bit of an art, especially if you have to flex it. It takes a bit of muscle so it’s almost a two person job until you get better using it. Lucky for me, I had a straight shot up from the basement to the master bedroom which made it very easy. I then used the 15 foot cable puller and pulled the coax down through the wall.

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