How to Solve Illegal Immigration

solve immigrationLet me first begin by saying I’m not discriminating against Mexicans and I am not racist. I believe anyone who is not a criminal should be allowed citizenship into the United States. I do not believe we need military troops patrolling our borders. I do not believe there is any need to remove those who already reside in the country illegally. There’s a better way to solve the problem.

To solve this problem, one must ask themselves why is it immigrants are entering the country illegally in the first place? I tend to agree with the majority of folks; it’s due to them wanting a better life for themselves and their families. After all, I believe the United States is the greatest country that has ever existed on this wonderful planet. Who wouldn’t want to migrate here? Chances are, unless you are native American, your ancestors at one point in time also migrated to the United States in pursuit of a better life.

The country as it exists today cannot support an uncontrolled influx on immigrants. The United States simply cannot be the world’s social welfare provider. We simply have too many entitlement programs that are impossible to fund as it is; Social Security, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, free emergency care, free health clinics, free elementary and high school education, FEMA, and many other programs. None of these entitlements are actually free unless you are an illegal immigrant. That’s because all the mentioned “free” programs are funded by the taxpayers, and if you are here illegally, you most likely are not paying taxes because you don’t have a valid social security number or a birth certificate. The IRS has no idea you exist so they can’t tax you. And herein lies the problem. There simply isn’t enough tax money to support an “open borders” philosophy and maintain these entitlement programs.

This is why we have to solve illegal immigration, but do so in a humane way. We cannot be like Mexico or Iran in which we jail people who cross the border illegally.

About 100 years ago, before these entitlement programs existed, an open borders policy did in fact exist and it seemed to work fine. There was plenty of land and people were completely self-sufficient. They built their own houses, grew their own crops, raised their own cattle, hunted, washed their own clothes, helped one another out in times of need, and protected themselves. There was absolutely no federal income tax and there were no state taxes. I think everyone will agree that times have changed for the better, but that comes at a cost, and the cost of these entitlement programs are skyrocketing.

So, it would appear we have three choices; we can let the country go bankrupt, we can eliminate the entitlement programs so no one gets them, or we can curtail illegal immigration. I’m of the opinion that we should, and can, eliminate illegal immigration. We do this by simply removing all the incentives and entitlements for illegal immigrants while at the same time improving the process by which they can achieve United States Citizenship or a Work Visa. That way, we all contribute to society to reap its benefits.

Let’s can start with these few things …

Anchor Babies

The 14th Amendment of the Constitution has been greatly misinterpreted. As a result, the birth of any child in the United States by an illegal immigrant automatically becomes a natural born citizen of the country. This has created a tourist trade in which pregnant women from all over the world pay large sums of money to take a “vacation” in the United States just as they are about to have their baby. Contrary to popular belief, once the baby is born, this does not mean the parent is allowed to remain in the United States because the child is now a United States citizen. Legally, the child does not “anchor” the parent in the United States, so the term anchor baby is a bit of a misnomer. The parent(s) can be deported, however this rarely happens because local governments do not want to separate the parent(s) from the child. Thus the term anchor baby in a roundabout way applies.

Because of this, there is an enormous cost burden on the medical industry in that the birth of the child is “free” as far as the immigrant mother is concerned. She does not have to pay a penny for the medical costs because in all likelihood she doesn’t have insurance nor does she have the cash. Those costs are written off by the hospitals as a loss to the State and are ultimately paid for by the taxpayers. Some emergency rooms have shut down because they cannot afford to stay open. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates there are currently between 287,000 and 363,000 children born to illegal immigrants each year (source: FAIR).

Solution: Change or repeal the 14th Amendment such that babies born to illegal immigrants will no longer achieve United States Citizenship and not be granted a birth certificate.

Welfare and Food Stamps

Although immigrants cannot qualify for Federal Welfare programs, their newly born children who are now citizens do receive local city and state assistance. When an illegal immigrant applies for welfare for their child through the Department of Human Services (DHS), they are only asked for a birth certificate of the child to prove citizenship. It’s a simple as that. The child is now eligible for welfare assistance regardless of the parents immigration status. Because the DHS does not have the jurisdiction to deport or turn in illegal immigrants to the proper authorities, illegal immigrants immediately apply for these social welfare programs with no fear of deportation. On average, an illegal couple in California with two anchor babies can get as much as $12,000 in public benefits per year. In 2010, Los Angeles spent about $600,000,000 in social benefits to illegal immigrants (source: Fox News).

Solution: Change or repeal the 14th Amendment such that children born to illegal immigrants will no longer achieve United States Citizenship and will not be granted a birth certificate. Require proof of citizenship by either showing a birth certificate, Naturalization Certificate, a Consular Registration of Birth Abroad, or Certificate of Citizenship to qualify for welfare assistance.


Free public schools are often way over-crowded in communities where the government turns a blind eye to illegal immigrants. As a result, classrooms have far too many children for the number of teachers, school resources are in shortage, and the local governments end up footing the bill. In addition, the quality of schooling is reduced because the teachers do not have enough time to address each child’s needs on a one-on-one basis. This ends up costing States, and ultimately the taxpayers, billions of dollars each and every year.

Solution: To qualify, children/parents must register their children using a United States issued birth certificate. Legal immigrants on work visas or green cards can enroll their children provided they register their children using their green card or work visa.

Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities are in direct violation of Federal immigration laws. However, some cities have chosen not to deport or turn over illegal immigrants to the proper authorities, thus offering protection to those in the country illegally. This is a country of laws that must be obeyed. When laws are not obeyed and are open to interpretation to authorities outside of the judicial system, chaos will ensue. It throws the whole system into disarray. Sanctuary cities should not be allowed and the Federal Government should enforce immigration law to its fullest extent. Otherwise, we end up in a situation where the States will start legislating their own immigration laws which is in violation of the Constitution. We’ve already seen this happening in Arizona and several other states.

Solution: Cut off all federal funding to states that refuse to enforce immigration laws or who chose not to cooperate with Federal Immigration Authorities.

Health Care

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor (EMTALA) Act is a Federal law that mandates everybody must be seen and stabilized at any hospital, whether they can pay or not. This means everyone, regardless of immigration status, must be treated at any hospital in the country. With an estimated 12 million immigrants illegally in the country and thousands more crossing the boarder each day, this puts an enormous strain on the health care system. In many cases, hospitals must absorb the costs when it comes to treating illegal immigrants, and to do this, they hedge their losses by increasing the price for all other services. In some cases, this increased financial burden has actually caused the hospital to shut down their emergency room. This is clearly true in Los Angeles county where 14 hospitals have shutdown their emergency rooms between 1998 and 2007 (Source: Los Angeles Times). In many cases, people in need of emergency services may be diverted to another hospital that can be up to 30 minutes further away.

Illegal immigrants try to stay away from hospitals because there is a risk they could be deported if they cannot prove they are citizen on the United States. However, many cities, like Los Angeles, are considered Sanctuary Cities where illegal immigrants are pseudo protected from Federal Immigration laws (the city chooses not to enforce the laws, not deport illegal immigrants, and not report them to the Federal authorities). Therefore, you will often see emergency waiting rooms full of illegal immigrants who are not always in need of emergency care. Not only is this a huge financial burden, but it also creates long waiting lines for those who have legitimate emergency needs.

Solution: I strongly agree that everyone, regardless of immigration status should and must be treated during an emergency. However, failure to provide proof of citizenship, a valid work visa or a valid green card within a certain time frame after receiving treatment, should be grounds for that individual to face deportation charges.

Drivers Licenses

Currently, 11 states issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Other states do no require a valid social security number when obtaining a drivers license. This in essence creates what’s called a “breeder document”, meaning, a drivers license is all that’s needed to obtain other documents and services such as bank accounts, renting houses, home loans, and boarding planes without a passport. The idea that granting illegal immigrants drivers licenses will make the roads safer is a false one. A majority of those who are here illegally are not going to purchase car insurance, nor are they going to register their cars. It will only cost us all more money when and if they get in an accident with someone who is here illegally because your insurance company will have to pay for your vehicle repairs even though it’s not your fault. This is why many of us have additional uninsured motorist insurance. Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to have a drivers license.

Solution: Require proof of citizenship or immigration status by showing a birth certificate, Naturalization Certificate, a Consular Registration of Birth Abroad, Certificate of Citizenship, Green Card, Work Visa or immigration papers.


Illegal immigrants cross the border every day to earn low wages doing a variety of jobs. Employers pay them low wages because the illegal workers are in most cases are making far more money than had they remained in their native land. So they accept the job and work hard to maintain their employment. Problem is, this drives wages down and makes it difficult for legal workers to find an entry level job. After all, US citizens have to pay taxes, social security and medicare taxes where illegal immigrants don’t. As a result, many citizens won’t take these low paying jobs because they simply can’t afford to pay their bills at such a low wage.

Solution: Enforce the laws which punish employers for hiring illegal immigrants. If need be, increase the fines to make it financially uneconomical based on the risk.

Voting Rights

A few states like California, Illinois, and Maryland allow illegal aliens to vote in local elections. Some states only require a valid drivers license to vote in national elections. And since illegal immigrants are legally allowed to obtain a drivers license, they are in fact voting despite not being a United States Citizen. In addition, most states do no screen for voter fraud. Some states also print the voting ballots in Spanish and English.

Solution: All voters should prove citizenship by either showing a birth certificate, Naturalization Certificate, a Consular Registration of Birth Abroad, or Certificate of Citizenship. All voting ballots should be printed in English.

Enforce the Federal Immigration Laws

Many Federal immigration laws are simply not enforced, mostly due to political reasons.

Solution: Enforce the laws!

If we did all the above things, immigrants would have no reason to enter the United States illegally. Their newborn children would not become citizens, they would not qualify for welfare or food stamps, they would not be allowed to vote, they would not be allowed to drive, and cities would not shelter them from the Federal laws for fear of losing funding. If we remove the incentives (the magnets), they will not obtain access to any of the social welfare programs. This may sound harsh, but these solutions are far less inhumane than a vast majority of the other “civilized” countries. The bottom line is, the United States simply cannot be the world’s social welfare provider.

Illegal immigrants are costing the taxpayer over a hundred billion dollars a year. We are also facing a financial crisis the could end up collapsing this country. If that happens, no one will have access to these programs despite paying into them.

Ironically, this too would fix the illegal immigration problem because no one will want to come to America.

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