Health Care Reform: Buyer Beware

If Obama’s Health Care Reform bill is so good for the American People, why is he having to bribe, plead and beg for its passage? For anyone who is capable of thinking objectively (Republican, Democrat, Independent), this process should be setting off very loud alarm bells. You are being fooled. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this.

Set all the rhetoric aside, from both sides of the aisle, and ask yourself these common sense questions:

  • If the Health Care Reform bill is so good, why can’t it pass on its own merits?
  • Why is Obama having to bribe government officials to vote in favor of it?
  • Why is the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi threatening to cut campaign funds for those house members who vote against it?
  • How can a lawmaker know how good the Health Care Reform bill is if they haven’t read it? It’s kind of like listening to a movie critic that doesn’t watch the movies before making their recommendation.

And my last point …

I’ve learned a few lessons the hard way in my life, and I want to share one with everyone who reads this: Never trust anyone who says “trust me“. If your gut instinct has forced your opponent into saying “trust me” and you believe them, you’re about to be fooled or potentially harmed.

Anything of value will always sell itself.

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