Do We Now Live In a Police State?

police stateHoly crap! I don’t live in Boston, but when I woke up the next day and watched the Boston Bomber manhunt on re-released video footage, I would have guessed I was watching a video feed from the streets of Iraq. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The firepower and the military grade equipment deployed in civilized Bostonian neighborhoods was reminiscent of a war zone.

There where perhaps 20 armor-plated Humvee’s, armor plated command posts, armor plated sniper turrets, hundreds of police officers, ATF agents, FBI agents, local police, SWAT, grenades … it was crazy. When you have that much firepower in the hands of trained, but inexperienced police officers, things get out of hand. And why are they wearing camouflage in the city? The camo-pattern does not blend with asphalt, concrete or houses. They look ridiculous.

Check out this first video. Looks at all the armed officers with high-powered rifles. Look at what they are wearing. Look at their gear! This is totally uncalled for and over the top. This is what an out of control panicked government looks like. This is someone bringing out a sledge hammer to build a deck. Maybe they should have just called in an A-10 Warthog and lay waste to the entire neighborhood.

Now take a look at this video. This is when the armada of police, ATF, FBI, police, SWAT and god knows who else have the suspect pinned down and trapped in a boat. The jackass isn’t going anywhere. Thermal imaging showed the a-hole was just laying there in the boat. The police had him surrounded.

They supposedly wanted to take him alive, but then why unload that many rounds? Did they want to kill everyone within a two block radius for good measure? They were completely reckless with their high-powered firearms. Beside, if they kill the guy, they get no information from him about other terrorists possibly plotting attacks. Hell, we need him alive so we can make him talk! Once he talks, then go ahead and unload on him with whatever you want, but not in a neighborhood! With that many rounds fired, surely they hit the suspect within the boat. Heck they should have turned him into Swiss cheese, but they didn’t!!! That means every single one of those bullets missed the target, or completely missed the boat. This is a real example of “gun control” failing. I wonder how many holes the neighbors house has in it?

Bottom line is, a flamethrower would have been far more accurate and effective in that situation where they wanted the guy dead. If they didn’t want him dead, they wouldn’t have fired that many rounds. What you saw instead was a bunch of really pissed off people with a lot of military grade weaponry; The very thing the federal government is afraid of when the People have the guns, hence government induced gun control.

Look … the bomber was horribly evil. A disgustingly putrid soul that has no place in society. He deserved (and deserves) to die. No question in my mind whatsoever. Bring back the firing squad and guillotine, and use them both at the same time on this turd. But, we need to see better control from our local governments when it comes to manhunts like this, and ditch the freaking military gear. My god.

My point is, the police in this country look more like the military while the People are being disarmed. We finally got to see this tonight, and even Bill Maher who is an uber-liberal left wing fanatic is becoming aware. This is exactly what happens in every police state that exists, or has existed, throughout history.

Politicians promise lollipops and unicorns. They promise harmony between fellow man living in chaos with nature in the land of Utopia, only if the People simply surrender their right of self-defense to the government. This lie has been fed to the People of this world so many times throughout history it’s sad to think America is falling for the same Fairy-tale story. Sleep well knowing the firepower you saw tonight may one day be pointed in the direction or your house, where your wife, husband and kids are sleeping. Where a hundred or so rounds all miss their target, but instead hit something far more important.

Let’s keep military on the battlefield where the enemy has rocket launchers, mortars and grenade launchers, and out of our cities. Isn’t that the same logic by which the gun control proponents are trying to push the “assault weapons” ban? They say it’s because people don’t need that stuff.

Well, neither do the police.

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