Do UFOs exist? Where is the Proof?

do ufos exist

Have you ever wondered why no one has ever been able to capture a single piece of credible evidence of a real extraterrestrial UFO? Do UFOs exist? Nearly everyone all around the world now carries a smartphone that can not only take pictures, but also video. Why has no one got a single photo or video for all the number of people who claim to have seen one? And I’m not talking about one of the countless videos or pictures that shows a bouncing ball of light from 100 miles away with no frame of reference. I talking a bonafide “this is amazing” picture or video.

Part of me wants nothing more than to believe extraterrestrial UFOs exist because it would be the biggest discovery the world has ever known and I’d get to witness it. But all the “evidence” is garbage and for anyone to think otherwise is just drinking from the conspiracy theory pitcher of kool-aide .

Technically, a UFO is anything flying that cannot be identified (hence, Unidentified Flying Object). But why is it people automatically jump to the conclusion that the strange unidentified object they saw flying in the sky is an alien piloted or manufactured aircraft from another world?

Considering there is no scientific proof that aliens exist, the chance that the object they saw came from another world is … well, 0%. So why do they immediately assume the most improbable of all possibilities instead of the most probable; that it is simply a man-made aircraft that is hard to identify or that it may be some cosmic speck of dust vaporizing in our atmosphere? Maybe because most people love a conspiracy. After all, it makes for a great story. In fact, some people like to deliberately fool others into thinking they saw an alien aircraft, just because they can (eg; Remember the crop circle hype?).

So let’s think about this from a calculated perspective before we go off on the most unlikely of all probabilities. Just because no one has any evidence doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

do ufos exist

If we take ourselves back to the 1800’s, the only things flying in the sky were birds, hot air balloons, and the occasional shooting star. So why is it there were virtually no UFO sightings during this time? Many people back then kept journals and diaries, and if they saw a large silent triangle shaped object floating in the sky, wouldn’t they have made an entry and/or spoke about it? Maybe not. Most people back then were terrified of being ostracized by the public. Life was hard enough without the stigma of being a town drunk.

Flash forward a few years to the early 1950’s. Space travel was very new and the general public armed with little information started to postulate different theories to explain the unknown objects they saw flying and falling from the sky. The most popular of these theories is that the United States government had captured and reverse engineered alien craft and were secretly testing the vehicles. After all, a conspiracy is the easiest way to “rationalize” the unknown because, almost by definition, it requires no proof. Furthermore, conspiracies are practically a part of our human nature as it helps to provide an explanation for what we fail to understand. To fuel the fire, a recent poll has showed the a vast majority of the US population does not trust our government and because of this, we are more likely to believe they are lying to us rather than telling the truth regardless of the evidence.

But again, let’s think logically about the possibility of UFOs before we buy into the conspiracy theory.

After World War II, with the Cold War brewing and the threat of nuclear war possible, governments around the world were spending billions of dollars researching new top secret projects and technologies. Discoveries were emerging at rate the general public couldn’t keep up with, nor could they even comprehend. Jet aircraft, new aerodynamic designs for high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, radar, ballistic weapons, stratospheric balloons, and nuclear powered submarines were all highly kept secrets. But perhaps the most tightly guarded technologies had to do with space travel and satellites as the advantages of remote viewing and space based offensive weapons that were virtually out of reach were quickly realized.

However, space travel and space based technology required people to “think outside the box”. Humans were now doing things that had never been done before. Scientists and engineers from all around the world were engaged in extremely complex technologies that had no instructions, manuals or examples from which to base their work on. All of which had classifications of Top Secret or higher. With the research and test flights came accidents, mishaps, and failures. The learning curve was, and still is, very steep. Launching any object into space is extremely difficult and complex (The US lost a Top Secret spy satellite as recently as 2006). Even by today’s standards with the advancements in computers, aerodynamics and fuel, launch failures are remarkably common. However, in the early days of space flight, mistakes were more numerous than the successes.

Despite the risks, governments around the world immediately realized he who mastered this technology would quickly gain the upper hand and shift the balance of power in their favor, which is why this was a time of classified, top-secret projects. Even today, the government is highly motivated to keep classified projects from public knowledge, and rightly so. For once the information is made public, it can spread like wildfire to all corners of the globe, and once in the hands of the opposition, our own secrets can ruin years of research and waste billions of taxpayer dollars in lost research and development.

Roswell, New Mexico, July 7th 1947: UFO from another world allegedly crashes. Alien bodies may have been found. Strange metal litters the crash site. Government swoops in to recover pieces and conspiracy theories start to circulate. Government dismisses crash as a weather balloon.

Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, December 9, 1965: Eyewitnesses report seeing a fireball race across the sky, bank right, and crash into the ground. Military personnel quickly move in, secure the area and haul off an odd shaped object on the back of a flatbed truck.

The US government was not only interested in recovering its own failed launches, but it was also very interested in finding fallen Russian satellites. Anytime something fell from the sky, branches of the armed forces swooped in like vultures on a dead carcass. Obtaining your enemies secrets doesn’t get any easier than having the information fall from the sky. However, the less people that know, the more secure the recovery operation and the more deniability a government agency would have. Thus the reason for quarantines, denial, and tarp-covered flatbed trucks hauling odd shaped objects to distant “non-existent” Air Force bases in the middle of the night. Is it more probable that an alien aircraft fell from the sky or that some Russian failed top-secret advanced project failed and crashed in an unintended area?

Outside Las Vegas, Nevada, 1983-1987: Eyewitnesses catch sight of a large, silent, black triangle-shaped aircraft moving overhead. UFO reports flood local police and news agencies.

Remember when the stealth bomber first made its appearance in the 1989 Gulf War? When I first saw the B2 and the F117 on TV, I remember thinking how out-of-this-world they looked. Do you know when those aircraft were designed and test flown? Way back in 1974, some 20 years earlier. Now, can you imagine looking up in the night sky and seeing a large triangle-shaped aircraft flying silently with no lights back in the 1970’s? Well, quite a few people did, but they didn’t know what they were seeing at the time, because it looked so foreign and unconventional.

The government of course denied its existence and dismissed their reports as atmospheric phenomenon, space debris, or gave it some other rational explanation. They would say anything to protect their multi-billion dollar investment and rightly so (look how effective it was during Gulf War I because no one knew about it). When the local news agencies got word of the sightings they would call the local air traffic controllers who would also deny anything as having shown up on their radar screens. And they were telling the truth, because both the F-117 and B2 aircraft used stealth technologies, which are invisible on conventional radar. All this did was fuel the superior alien aircraft technology conspiracy theories and the idea extraterrestrial UFOs exist.

do ufos exist

Some years later, it was funny to juxtapose those eyewitness accounts with pictures of the stealth bomber and the F-117. In the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, conventional aircraft bore no resemblance to the stealthy wing-shaped B2 or the diamond shaped F-117. They were both very unusual looking and most unconventional from anything else that was flying in the sky. And the sightings always seemed to occur over sparsely populated areas and for good reason.

Test flights must and do take place, and the best area to test something that no one is supposed to see is in an area where few, if any people live; In the middle of Nevada where one can drive for hours and never see a man-made object except the road they are driving on.

Again, it’s no wonder the United States government chose this site to build their most secret base (at the time), commonly known as Area 51 or Groom Lake. Would it make sense to have a Top Secret base located in downtown Los Angeles? (Ironically, the Lockheed Skunk works which built the F-117 is in fact located near downtown Los Angeles in the city of Palmdale, CA).

Even in the 90’s the sightings of strange aircraft continued. Growing up in Los Angeles, I can remember waking up to what felt like earthquakes the second Wednesday of every month. Caltech seismologists were quick to dismiss the tremors because the signatures on the seismographs bore no resemblance to that of an earthquake. They coined the term “air-quake” because rumor had it a new supersonic aircraft, the Aurora, was punching a hole in the sound barrier after returning from its super-sonic test flights landing 300 miles east at Edwards Air Force base. Of course, the military denied such an event. But again, up popped the UFO sightings.

So again, what sounds more likely? Alien aircraft or top-secret terrestrial man-made aircraft?

Here’s another thing to think about. The concept of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has been around since about 1960. In that time, incalculable amounts of data have been gathered and the skies searched in multiple frequency bands by thousands of radio-telescopes all around the world, yet nothing has ever been found. Nothing. Not a single blip except the “Wow!” signal which turned out to be a terrestrial based signal that had bounced off the moon. There is 0% factual evidence that aliens exist here on Earth or anywhere in our solar system.

Here’s an even more blunt argument that alien aircraft haven’t visited Earth; If we were being visited by advanced supreme organic lifeforms with superior technology that has allowed them to travel vast distances across the universe in a small little space probe only to crash it on Earth … doesn’t that seem a little silly? Just how advanced are they if they can travel thousands or millions of light years only to crash land on our planet? Think about how many crash sites have been reported.

Humans have a hard time keeping secrets. Hundreds of thousands of individuals make up the governments and armed forces of countries all around the world. Millions have been involved with classified projects over the last 60 years. Within these governments are countless spies and moles infiltrating all aspects of every branch of every government on every continent. Nuclear secrets have been stolen time and time again throughout history (just recently in the United States) and these are the most guarded secrets. Secrets are always exposed, especially if it’s a new super technology.

If all the hub-bub of aliens being recovered from the Roswell crash in New Mexico is true, or that Groom Lake houses alien aircraft from another world, or that Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base holds all the secrets, then why can’t one single person over the last 70 years produce any hard evidence besides rumors or hearsay? All we would need is one person who can’t keep a secret, yet we can’t even find that. Or, why haven’t we seen any aircraft that operate on something other than jet or rocket fuel? Certainly aliens aren’t pumping millions or barrels of oil a day like we are just to make their spacecraft fly. After all, how would that work in outer space?

do ufos exist

There is no question the government is hiding secrets from the public. UFOs do exist. However, I’m 100% certain at this point in time that they are all man-made terrestrial vehicles that should be kept a secret. Billions of our tax dollars go into creating these aircraft or discovering new technologies, all of which help to keep us safe. If the general public were allowed to know about these secrets it could put a lot of people in danger. Foreign hostile governments could come up with countermeasures that could render our billion dollar aircraft obsolete before we even got a chance to use them.

Ordinary citizens do NOT have a right to know everything. They shouldn’t know everything. It’s imperative that the government be allowed to create and research these technologies without the hindrance of the general population thinking they need to know everything about what it is the government is doing. So when the government publicly addresses the population and denies any aircraft were in the area, it’s probably not all that unlikely that they are lying, but they are doing so for a good reason. Not because a drunk ET crashed its technologically superior spacecraft in a corn field. It would be most unwise to say … “yep, we were testing our new scram jet aircraft that can exceed Mach 6. Faster than any surface to air missile in existence”. Doing so would most certainly put foreign governments on alarm and before we knew it, they’d have a missile that could travel Mach 7.

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