Democracy is Dead, and John Murtha Lead the Way

People … I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent. This isn’t right. This isn’t what our government is supposed to do. This is so unbelievably unjust, it’s difficult to think it happens right here in America. How can we criticize the Afghanistan, Iranian or Iraqi governments as being corrupt when the American government is just as guilty?

This video is a perfect example of why democracy is dead. We vote them in, and they do stuff like this. There is no way to punish elected officials like John Murtha. They truly are above the law. You might say, “we can vote him out!”. Well, yes. But why haven’t we, then? John Murtha has been re-elected time and time again for the last 35 years. Our country is dying a slow painful death because we are too steadfast on our political labels. Meaning, if you consider yourself a democrat, you will vote democrat. If you are a republican, you will vote republican … regardless of principle.

It’s time we the people take back our government. Our ancestors have worked too hard over the last 233 years to throw away our country to corrupt politicians. We need to unite and vote these guys out of office. We are the only ones who can hold them accountable.

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