Coachman Freedom Express 192RBS

We are pretty exited to be picking up our new 2021 Coachman Freedom Express 192RBS this Thursday! It’s been close to 8 years since we last had an RV travel trailer, and I’ve put a lot of thought into what I wanted this time around.

First of all, length. We had to get shorter. Our first RV was a 34 foot North Trail travel trailer. I towed it with a Dodge 3500 Turbo Diesel with an 8 foot truck bed that was about 22 feet in length. Combined length was around 56′, which was just way too long. It was very difficult to getting into sites, and quite a few Colorado campgrounds don’t allow trailers that long.

The 2021 Coachman 192RBS is 22 feet long. My Ford F150 V8 with the super crew cab and 6.5 foot bed is 18 feet. Combined that puts me around 40 feet, which is 16 feet shorter than our previous setup. This should be significantly easier to maneuver and will give us more options for camping sites. It’s also weighs 2,300 pound less.

Technology has improved a lot over the last 8 years with construction and electronics. Our 192RBS comes with solar panels, whereas with my last trailer we had to run the truck when the batteries got low (we didn’t have a generator). This will come in very handy while dry camping in the National Parks. You can’t run the microwave or AC on batteries, but all the other stuff will work just fine (water pump, lights, entertainment system, USB jacks, etc).

The underbelly of the 192 RBS is insulated and heated, which will help stop the pipes from freezing when it drops a little below freezing. The walls are also a lot more insulated. This should make things a more comfortable while camping in the Rocky Mountains where the temperatures can vary significantly from day to night. It probably won’t allow us to camp in the winter, though.

The USB outlet ports will be a nice edition for the wife and kids. With our last camper, we only had a few 120v jacks. Trying to plug in all the phones, iPads, iWatches would have been a nightmare back then. But not this time. There are plenty USB jacks all around the trailer.

The full queen size bed is a great upgrade as well. It’s 80 inches long whereas the last bed wasn’t a full queen and measured in at 74 inches. Being 6 foot 2 inches tall, my feet would hang off the end. The extra 6 inches should make sleeping more comfortable.

Storage is another bonus with the 192RBS. The bed easily lifts thanks in part to the hydraulics shocks. Beneath the bed, there is enough room for a medium sized travel suitcase, which will keep it out of the way. The bed did not lift in the last trailer.

There’s probably some other stuff I’ll realize once we start camping, but this is certainly a good start. Now it’s just a matter of finding a campground. Most seem to have already filled up.

UPDATE: Took the camper out for the first time to the Pawnee National Grasslands in northeastern Colorado! Dry camping worked out perfectly! I averaged 12.4 mpg driving there and 12.8 mpg driving back. The sweet spot on speed seems to be about 65 mph. Anything faster and the fuel efficiency drops off quite fast.

UPDATE: First complaint. The USB console port next to the bed pulled out of the wood. Ultra-light mean ultra-thin wood. I’ll either add wood behind the console port, or replace the whole panel with something thicker.

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