Colorado Storms

Blog entires of mine talking about all the big weather storms I’ve experienced while living in Colorado.

Colorado Blizzard on December 20th, 2006

colorado blizzard

This was another one of those infamous Colorado blizzards that snuck up with about a 1-day warning. The first forecasts from a few days earlier didn’t mention anything about a significant snow storm, only that we may get a couple inches of snow and some moderate winds. Then on Tuesday, the day before the storm hit, forecasters started hinting that this could be a pretty powerful storm. I figured it wouldn’t be that bad because a fairly potent yet uneventful cold front had already pushed through a few days earlier….
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Colorado Blizzard – April 7th, 2005

On April 7th 2005, we were starting to get the first indications that there might be a significant Colorado blizzard heading towards Colorado Springs. Most of the time, these weather events are hit or miss in that they may or may not have that much of an impact on our location. We don’t actually live in Colorado Springs. We’re about 8 miles east in the town of Falcon and due to the geography, we fall in the “rain shadow” of Black Forest and the Palmer divide. This means any storms…
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Large Hail Storm Hits Eastern Colorado

Colorado hail storm

What I saw this day was nothing I could have ever expected. A large hail storm ravaged the eastern plains of Colorado, producing and an eerie, cold, and vastly different landscape than the 80+ degree weather I left just 30 minutes earlier. As I headed east toward Ellicot, Colorado from Schriever Air Force Base, it didn’t look like I was driving into any ordinary storm. In fact, it looked more like a blizzard rather than a thunderstorm. Something you’d expect to see in December or January, but not in August….
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