Amazing Weather Stories

Amazing true stories of people surviving mother nature’s worst.

Huge Chunks of Ice Fall From The Sky

huge chunks of ice fall from the sky

A strange phenomenon seems to be occurring all around the world, in which large chunks of ice fall from the sky. In many cases, there isn’t a cloud in sight. Certainly not a frequent event, but perplexing nonetheless. And unlike ball-lightning, the Lockness Monster and Big Foot, this phenomenon has been well documented with pictures and insurance reports, time and time again. Megacryometeor is a term used to describe a large block of ice that falls from the atmosphere under clear sky conditions. Just how large are we talking? Most…
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Lt. Col Rankin – Pilot Ejects Into Thunderstorm

pilot ejects into thunderstorm

The year was 1959. Lt Colonel William Rankin, an experienced and veteran pilot of both World War II and Korea, was flying his F-8 Crusader on a routine flight from South Weymouth Naval Air Station, Massachusetts to Beaufort, North Carolina with his wing-man Lt. Herbert Nolan. At an altitude of 47,000 feet and a speed of Mach .82, they were avoiding the turbulent weather below. Weather like this is common in the area during the summer months. They where just minutes away from the start of their descent when trouble…
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Paraglider Caught In Thunderstorm and Survives!

Thunderstorms are very powerful events. They can produce grape fruit sized hail, terrifying lightning, strong winds, torrential rains and tornadoes. But another less noticed product of a thunderstorm is the updraft, unless you happen to be caught in one while flying a paraglider. That’s exactly what happened to a German woman who was flying a paraglider in Tamworth, Australia while training for the World Championship. Caught in a powerful updraft, Ewa Wisnierska found out first hand how terrifying and painful a thunderstorm can be. While training in her glider, two…
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Roy Sullivan Struck by Lightning 7 Times!

Some would say Roy Sullivan was the unluckiest man to ever walk the planet. Or some might say he was the luckiest. Roy Sullivan managed to survive being struck by lightning seven times throughout his life. You might be thinking, there’s no way that’s even possible and this is just another internet myth. But the fact is, all seven lightning strikes were documented and recorded by the superintendent of Shenandoah National Park, R. Taylor Hoskins, and all his injuries were verified by various doctors. Nicknamed the “Lightning Man”, Roy earned…
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Are Rogue Waves Real or Just a Myth?

rogue waves

Skippers and captains from the earliest of times have reported freak waves of monstrous proportions, slamming into their ships. Many reported the waves came out of nowhere. It’s even possible these waves have sunk ships with little to no warning. For many years, these waves were thought to be mythical in nature. People believed there must have been some other logical explanation for the damage inflicted upon these ships or their sudden disappearance. It wasn’t until the last few decades that the answer was finally discovered; they are most certainly…
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Weird Weather: When It’s Really Cold Outside

When it’s really cold outside, strange things start to happen. There aren’t too many eye-whiteness accounts of such conditions because it’s so cold it’s dangerous, and any exposed skin can instantly freeze resulting in frostbite. However, on one occasion at Snag airport in the Yukon of Canada, the temperature dropped to an official -81.4°F on February 3rd, 1947. There were 16 employees on duty at the time and two weather observers, Wilf Blezard and Gordon Toole, recorded the following observations: We threw a dish of water high into the air,…
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