Many taxes are good, but there equally as many hidden taxes that are bad.

Why Do We Pay So Many Taxes?

There are many types of taxes that take many different forms depending on where you live. There are excise taxes, direct taxes, indirect taxes, federal taxes, state taxes, county taxes, and city taxes. While some do collect money for necessary services, like running the government and fixing roads, some are simply a way for the Federal or local governments to modify consumers purchasing habits. A tax on tea is what lead to the Boston Tea Party and was a contributing factor of the Revolutionary War. Below is a list of…
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Affordable Healthcare Act is Destroying People’s Lives

The goodies (I say that sarcastically) in the Affordable Healthcare Act should come as no surprise to those who can read and don’t follow lock-and-step with what their government tells them. Especially this one. Many had been warning the public about this disaster for years and still very few listened. Or, they just ignored the issue thinking it can’t be as bad as the naysayers are making it out to be. We’re only a month into this nightmare and Freddy Kruger is gaining strength. Sadly, it’s about to get a…
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Fiscal Cliff Deal is a Joke. The Bill Solves Nothing.

fiscal cliff

After months of hype and hysteria, we are no better off with this new deal than we were before. In fact, we’re worse off for numerous reasons. The first being, there are only $40 billion in cuts, but $330 billion in new spending. That’s a net increase in borrowing of $290 billion. I thought we were supposed to cut spending, not increase it? Second, there is a 2.5% tax increase on everyone earning an income greater than $50K a year. This is the payroll tax increase that helps contribute to…
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Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan: Good or Bad?

Herman Cain is your non-typical presidential candidate, and an interesting one at that. When you look at his life-long achievements, they are grand and admirable. But when it comes to his political experience, he has virtually none, and he has only begun to see how brutal, conniving and dishonest politicians can be. And this is what concerns me most. When you take a little bit of naivety and mix it with a brand new federal tax code, you are seriously exposing yourself to some very harsh unintended consequences if you…
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Health Care Reform: Buyer Beware

If Obama’s Health Care Reform bill is so good for the American People, why is he having to bribe, plead and beg for its passage? For anyone who is capable of thinking objectively (Republican, Democrat, Independent), this process should be setting off very loud alarm bells. You are being fooled. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this. Set all the rhetoric aside, from both sides of the aisle, and ask yourself these common sense questions: If the Health Care Reform bill is so good, why can’t it pass on…
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The Government’s $700 Billion Bailout

The government has decided they will privatize profits, and socialize losses – but only for big corporations that are poorly run. You as a common citizen will not receive such treatment, and unlike the large corporations you will be held responsible for your poor decisions. The government isn’t interested in punishing the crooks who drove these companies into the ground, cost thousands of people their jobs, and who generated trillions in investor losses. They want to bail these companies out with OUR tax payer money and without our approval. Doesn’t…
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