My views on regulations and how the help (and hurt) the world we live in, from jobs to monetary policies.

Are Mass Shootings and Guns Really the Issue?

mass shootings

There was another mass shooting last week at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs in which 3 people were killed, and so here we are again, thrust into the gun control debate by the extreme left-wing progressive media and President Obama himself. They make a huge deal out of the one or two “mass” shootings that happen each year, yet on a daily basis all around the country, roughly 1300 people died from tobacco related products and 30 die as a result of drunk drivers (source: CDC). Why don’t…
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Give a Man a Fish and …

A wise Chinese proverb says, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime“. It’s supposed to imply that teaching a person to provide for themselves is better than having him rely upon someone else. But in the United States, the proverb doesn’t really make sense. In order to teach a man to fish, he’ll first have to … Buy a fishing pole and bait for which he’ll be charged sales tax Buy a $71…
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Anti-Gun Supporters Consistently Use the Wrong Terms

If you’re going to debate someone on a particular topic, you better have the terminology right. In recent months, there has been a raging discussion on how best to curtail gun violence in America and both sides are pleading their case with passion and emotion. The problem is, most of the anti-gun supporters have their terminology wrong, and it makes them look uneducated and lack credibility. I’ll point out some of the more glaring mistakes so the people reading and listening to the progressive anti-gun agenda can be better informed….
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Affordable Healthcare Act is Destroying People’s Lives

The goodies (I say that sarcastically) in the Affordable Healthcare Act should come as no surprise to those who can read and don’t follow lock-and-step with what their government tells them. Especially this one. Many had been warning the public about this disaster for years and still very few listened. Or, they just ignored the issue thinking it can’t be as bad as the naysayers are making it out to be. We’re only a month into this nightmare and Freddy Kruger is gaining strength. Sadly, it’s about to get a…
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Do We Now Live In a Police State?

police state

Holy crap! I don’t live in Boston, but when I woke up the next day and watched the Boston Bomber manhunt on re-released video footage, I would have guessed I was watching a video feed from the streets of Iraq. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The firepower and the military grade equipment deployed in civilized Bostonian neighborhoods was reminiscent of a war zone. There where perhaps 20 armor-plated Humvee’s, armor plated command posts, armor plated sniper turrets, hundreds of police officers, ATF agents, FBI agents, local police, SWAT, grenades ……
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New Colorado Gun Laws Will Not Reduce Gun Crime

Tragedy surrounds each and every one of us. It’s just the sucky part of life we all face. Some of us were dealt a bad hand, others were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and still others may have been the victim of a violent crime. While nothing can be done about the first two scenarios, some believe they can pass laws preventing the latter from occurring. The new gun laws drafted by democrats in Colorado are trying to do just that; legislate crime from happening. The problem…
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Emergency Alert System – Government Power Grab

I think people are missing the point on this one. They shouldn’t be wondering with whether it will work or not. After all, a national test of this magnitude has never been tested, even since the inception of the Emergency Broadcast System some 60 years ago. They shouldn’t be wondering how much value it will provide. In my opinion, those are the wrong thoughts. The first thought that crossed my mind was, ‘why’? Why are they testing this now? This seems silly to me in today’s day and age. And…
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