My views on politics, the spin and finger-pointing that feeds the belly of the beast.

Fear-mongering: Time Tested and Proven Business Model

We’ve all seen the commercials on TV that advertise the myriad of medications one can take to alleviate symptomatic ailments such as arthritis, allergies, dry eyes, migraines, heartburn, etc. These commercials don’t stir me up because these ailments are extremely common and anyone can purchase these medications over the counter at any grocery store. But what about the commercials that advertise other things like depression, anxiety, acid reflux, etc? You can’t buy the medications that treat these ailments over the counter. You must first get a prescription from your doctor,…
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Health Care Reform: Buyer Beware

If Obama’s Health Care Reform bill is so good for the American People, why is he having to bribe, plead and beg for its passage? For anyone who is capable of thinking objectively (Republican, Democrat, Independent), this process should be setting off very loud alarm bells. You are being fooled. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this. Set all the rhetoric aside, from both sides of the aisle, and ask yourself these common sense questions: If the Health Care Reform bill is so good, why can’t it pass on…
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Where are the Jobs?

President Barack Obama said in his State of the Union address (to a rousing ovation) that the focus of the White House in 2010 would be jobs, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Once again, he is hell bent on passing his party’s version of Health Care Reform and doesn’t seem to be taking the jobs situation seriously, despite the fact 1-in-10 people is without one. To boot, there was a surge in the monthly unemployment filings this month as more Americans find themselves without work. I wonder…
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The Obama Lies Revealed

One definition of a lie is to present false information with the intention of deceiving. Another definition is making a statement meant to deceive or give a wrong impression. I want to make it clear: I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. Both parties are seriously and fundamentally flawed. But I also want to make it clear that President Barack Obama is a liar. Lie #1: Negotiations on C-SPAN Not a single discussion has been broadcast on C-SPAN. All the Health Care discussions have taken place behind…
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Democracy is Dead, and John Murtha Lead the Way

People … I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican or an Independent. This isn’t right. This isn’t what our government is supposed to do. This is so unbelievably unjust, it’s difficult to think it happens right here in America. How can we criticize the Afghanistan, Iranian or Iraqi governments as being corrupt when the American government is just as guilty? This video is a perfect example of why democracy is dead. We vote them in, and they do stuff like this. There is no way to punish elected…
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The Government’s $700 Billion Bailout

The government has decided they will privatize profits, and socialize losses – but only for big corporations that are poorly run. You as a common citizen will not receive such treatment, and unlike the large corporations you will be held responsible for your poor decisions. The government isn’t interested in punishing the crooks who drove these companies into the ground, cost thousands of people their jobs, and who generated trillions in investor losses. They want to bail these companies out with OUR tax payer money and without our approval. Doesn’t…
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