My views on politics, the spin and finger-pointing that feeds the belly of the beast.

Affordable Healthcare Act is Destroying People’s Lives

The goodies (I say that sarcastically) in the Affordable Healthcare Act should come as no surprise to those who can read and don’t follow lock-and-step with what their government tells them. Especially this one. Many had been warning the public about this disaster for years and still very few listened. Or, they just ignored the issue thinking it can’t be as bad as the naysayers are making it out to be. We’re only a month into this nightmare and Freddy Kruger is gaining strength. Sadly, it’s about to get a…
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Do We Now Live In a Police State?

police state

Holy crap! I don’t live in Boston, but when I woke up the next day and watched the Boston Bomber manhunt on re-released video footage, I would have guessed I was watching a video feed from the streets of Iraq. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The firepower and the military grade equipment deployed in civilized Bostonian neighborhoods was reminiscent of a war zone. There where perhaps 20 armor-plated Humvee’s, armor plated command posts, armor plated sniper turrets, hundreds of police officers, ATF agents, FBI agents, local police, SWAT, grenades ……
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Obama Wins Reelection – United We Stand, Divided We Fall

It’s clear to me — as it should be to everyone else — that the majority in this country are more socially liberal and secular than they used to be. We’ve now shifted to a slightly left of center position. Homosexuality is no longer taboo and is becoming more accepted, to include gay marriage now being legal in a multitude of States. The prohibition status of marijuana is taking fire as two states have now chosen to legalize it for recreational use (Colorado and Washington) in direct contradiction to Federal…
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Worst Debate Moderator of All Time – Martha Raddatz

The worst debate moderator EVER is hands down, unequivocally, Martha Raddatz. I was squirming in my chair at how bad she was, and I was only 15 minutes into the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan before I stood up and walked away. Oh my goodness that was horrendous. Martha was attacking Ryan just as much as Joe Biden. This was an assault by the moderator! Unbiased? Haha, what a joke. I think it was after the first question that Martha Raddatz turned to Ryan and attacked…
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Why I’m Not Voting for Obama

I’ve started a list of all the reasons why I won’t be voting for Obama, and it’s getting really long. When I look back at these items, I get a bit scared because some of them are borderline criminal, or flat out lies. It’s sad because Obama could have been an amazing leader. A man who could have helped obliterate the racial lines that still plague our country. Instead, he has used his charisma to chastise the rich, drive a wedge between the two political parties, and push false hope…
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The Real Unemployment Rate in the United States


There is a lot of skepticism when it comes to the unemployment rate. The government says it’s 8.1% (as of April 2012) and so do most in the media. Even the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the agency responsible for calculating the official unemployment rate says it’s 8.1%. But they also say it’s 9.5% and even 14.5%. How can this be? Which is it? Why are there 3 different unemployment rates? Strange as it may be, there are actually six. The better question is, why are they choosing the 8.1%…
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Most Dangerous: Nuclear Weapons, Communism or Fascism?

Iran’s intent to acquire nuclear technology has a lot of people riled up, but I fear they are overlooking a bigger threat. There are many revolutions taking place throughout the European and Arab nations. Italy, Greece, Spain, and France are all under extreme financial distress, probably on the verge of collapse in which new governments will form. Same holds true of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and possibly Syria. Russia seems to be slipping back into a dictatorship with the re-election of Vladamir Putin, and with all that’s happening in the world,…
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