Wisconsin Public Union Protest


In my opinion, the issues related to the Wisconsin union protests need to be simplified. There is a tremendous amount of spin taking place when it really boils down to just a couple things. One of them being funding. And let’s not forget this very important fact; the unions protesting all around the country are Public Worker Unions, not Private Worker Unions, like the United Auto Workers Union. While their goals are one and the same, there is a huge difference in how each is funded. Therefore, I’ll present my…
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Another Horrible Gun Control Article by the Media

I guess the major media outlets will publish any article that meets their biased position. Here’s an example from the Boston Globe … http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2011/01/12/bay_state_sanity/ This is truly a bad article, poor journalism, and flat out awful in its attempts to claim laws stop crazy people from doing crazy things. In this particular case, Brian McGrory is trying to equate Massachusetts guns laws to civility. Problem is, crazy lunatics are not civil. And as we’ve seen so many times before, there are people who refuse to blame the person who committed…
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Horrible Media Bias – Gun Control

Another horrible piece of journalism from the New York Times, full of conjecture and a outright falsehood regarding the Assault Weapons Ban. Had an 18-year old blogger posted this, I wouldn’t have cared in the least bit. But so many people look to the media as a source of fact, and the New York Times clearly blew it by publishing the below article. Does this news outlet not have an editor? http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/10/opinion/10collins.html?_r=2 Her whole article is a disaster. I’ll pick it apart piece by piece (remembering of course that this…
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Why the Stimulus Won’t Work

stimulus bill

The Federal Government hasn’t had a stash of money for a long time. In recent decades, the Federal Government has had to borrow more and more of the public’s money in order to keep the government running and to fund the various entitlement programs. But we’ve recently hit a point where we simply can’t keep borrowing money and expect to maintain the same level of entitlements we’ve grown accustomed to. The Federal Government doesn’t work for the money they spend. They don’t produce or sell anything that generates the money…
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Fear-mongering: Time Tested and Proven Business Model

We’ve all seen the commercials on TV that advertise the myriad of medications one can take to alleviate symptomatic ailments such as arthritis, allergies, dry eyes, migraines, heartburn, etc. These commercials don’t stir me up because these ailments are extremely common and anyone can purchase these medications over the counter at any grocery store. But what about the commercials that advertise other things like depression, anxiety, acid reflux, etc? You can’t buy the medications that treat these ailments over the counter. You must first get a prescription from your doctor,…
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Health Care Reform: Buyer Beware

If Obama’s Health Care Reform bill is so good for the American People, why is he having to bribe, plead and beg for its passage? For anyone who is capable of thinking objectively (Republican, Democrat, Independent), this process should be setting off very loud alarm bells. You are being fooled. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this. Set all the rhetoric aside, from both sides of the aisle, and ask yourself these common sense questions: If the Health Care Reform bill is so good, why can’t it pass on…
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The 2010 Census: You kidding me!?

So, today we received the 2010 American Survey Census questionnaire and I was absolutely blown away with the questions they want me to answer. Especially when the ACORN crooks are going to be collecting and sifting through the data. I can understand them wanting to know how many people live in the house, how old they are, what level schooling they received, nationality, citizenship, military duty, etc. I have no problem with those questions. However, below are some of the other questions they want me to answer. I put the…
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