Do We Now Live In a Police State?

police state

Holy crap! I don’t live in Boston, but when I woke up the next day and watched the Boston Bomber manhunt on re-released video footage, I would have guessed I was watching a video feed from the streets of Iraq. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The firepower and the military grade equipment deployed in civilized Bostonian neighborhoods was reminiscent of a war zone. There where perhaps 20 armor-plated Humvee’s, armor plated command posts, armor plated sniper turrets, hundreds of police officers, ATF agents, FBI agents, local police, SWAT, grenades ……
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New Colorado Gun Laws Will Not Reduce Gun Crime

Tragedy surrounds each and every one of us. It’s just the sucky part of life we all face. Some of us were dealt a bad hand, others were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and still others may have been the victim of a violent crime. While nothing can be done about the first two scenarios, some believe they can pass laws preventing the latter from occurring. The new gun laws drafted by democrats in Colorado are trying to do just that; legislate crime from happening. The problem…
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Is the DOW a Good Measure of Stock Market Health?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) is nothing more than an index of carefully picked stocks whose relevancy as to how well the stock market and economy are doing is misleading. Perhaps decades ago, it was a useful tool since it was comprised of the major industrial companies within the United States such as steel companies and auto manufacturers, (hence DOW Jones “Industrial” Average), but that isn’t the case anymore. Within the United States, there are roughly 5,000 companies traded on the stock exchanges. However, the DOW is composed of…
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Violent Crime in United States Down Sharply – 1992 Through 2010

Despite all the negative attention the mainstream media gives to isolated acts of violence, the facts clearly show violent crime in the United States is down sharply between the years 1992 and 2010. In fact, it’s remarkable. So remarkable, it’s hard to believe no agency, person, or organization wants to claim credit for such a heroic superman feat. Perhaps that’s because no one knows why violent crime is on the decline, but it’s unmistakable that something amazing has happened. And when I say decline, I’m not talking about a highly…
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Fiscal Cliff Deal is a Joke. The Bill Solves Nothing.

fiscal cliff

After months of hype and hysteria, we are no better off with this new deal than we were before. In fact, we’re worse off for numerous reasons. The first being, there are only $40 billion in cuts, but $330 billion in new spending. That’s a net increase in borrowing of $290 billion. I thought we were supposed to cut spending, not increase it? Second, there is a 2.5% tax increase on everyone earning an income greater than $50K a year. This is the payroll tax increase that helps contribute to…
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SVT or Anxiety: My Racing Heart.

To all my fellow anxiety sufferers, a racing heart is just part of the package deal. And as annoying as it is, it’s always controllable by relaxing and distraction. At least in my case. I don’t take medication, because it’s not that bad. Yeah, I know. It’s incredibly annoying when people say you can stop anxiety in 3 simple steps. Just relax! Ugh. But what isn’t always controllable is SVT, also called Supra-Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT). This is what I found out I had the hard way. For years, I had…
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Obama Wins Reelection – United We Stand, Divided We Fall

It’s clear to me — as it should be to everyone else — that the majority in this country are more socially liberal and secular than they used to be. We’ve now shifted to a slightly left of center position. Homosexuality is no longer taboo and is becoming more accepted, to include gay marriage now being legal in a multitude of States. The prohibition status of marijuana is taking fire as two states have now chosen to legalize it for recreational use (Colorado and Washington) in direct contradiction to Federal…
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