Media Bias

My views on the blatant media bias in this country and it’s attempts to persuade opinion with misinformation and spin.

President Woodrow Wilson was a Racist

No matter how hard the liberals and progressives try, the insidious omission of Woodrow Wilson’s racist policies and outspokenness does not make him a great president. No good in the world could ever right the wrong of racism, especially when coming from a President of the United States. And while Woodrow Wilson did succeed in passing many good laws, such as abolishing child labor, passing anti-trust laws, and creating an 8-hour work day for the railroad workers, it will never erase the fact that Woodrow Wilson was a racist. Having…
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Another Horrible Gun Control Article by the Media

I guess the major media outlets will publish any article that meets their biased position. Here’s an example from the Boston Globe … This is truly a bad article, poor journalism, and flat out awful in its attempts to claim laws stop crazy people from doing crazy things. In this particular case, Brian McGrory is trying to equate Massachusetts guns laws to civility. Problem is, crazy lunatics are not civil. And as we’ve seen so many times before, there are people who refuse to blame the person who committed…
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Horrible Media Bias – Gun Control

Another horrible piece of journalism from the New York Times, full of conjecture and a outright falsehood regarding the Assault Weapons Ban. Had an 18-year old blogger posted this, I wouldn’t have cared in the least bit. But so many people look to the media as a source of fact, and the New York Times clearly blew it by publishing the below article. Does this news outlet not have an editor? Her whole article is a disaster. I’ll pick it apart piece by piece (remembering of course that this…
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Fear-mongering: Time Tested and Proven Business Model

We’ve all seen the commercials on TV that advertise the myriad of medications one can take to alleviate symptomatic ailments such as arthritis, allergies, dry eyes, migraines, heartburn, etc. These commercials don’t stir me up because these ailments are extremely common and anyone can purchase these medications over the counter at any grocery store. But what about the commercials that advertise other things like depression, anxiety, acid reflux, etc? You can’t buy the medications that treat these ailments over the counter. You must first get a prescription from your doctor,…
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