Foreign Policy

My views on the United States foreign policies and how they affect our lives, for better and for worse.

Benghazi Consulate Attacked Because of YouTube Video?

Ever been stuck on a problem for hours, or maybe days, and then all of a sudden the solution just pops into your mind? And without having to think too hard about it, you know it’s right, or at least really darn close? I had one of those moments when thinking about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in which U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith were killed. The weird thing is, it’s not that complicated and I have…
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Most Dangerous: Nuclear Weapons, Communism or Fascism?

Iran’s intent to acquire nuclear technology has a lot of people riled up, but I fear they are overlooking a bigger threat. There are many revolutions taking place throughout the European and Arab nations. Italy, Greece, Spain, and France are all under extreme financial distress, probably on the verge of collapse in which new governments will form. Same holds true of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and possibly Syria. Russia seems to be slipping back into a dictatorship with the re-election of Vladamir Putin, and with all that’s happening in the world,…
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US Involvement in Libya – Part 2

So it would appear Barrack Obama has such a good reason for attacking Libya, he doesn’t think he needs to let Congress know. This last week, he alone decided to launch attacks on Libya without consulting with Congress first, then bolted to Rio De Janeiro. This by itself is grounds for impeachment, not that he traveled to Rio De Janeiro, but given the fact he authorized military action in Libya when at no time was the United States in direct danger as a result of the events taking place. Even…
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United State’s Invovlement in Libya

Do we get involved, or not? That is the question haunting the Obama administration as the World stands by watching and waiting to see what happens in Libya. Perhaps the better question is, what do we have to gain by getting involved? One could hardly argue that Libya is a threat to the United States. Libya does not have a nuclear program nor do they have a delivery system, such as a ballistic missile, that could harm the Unites States. Although Qaddafi was our enemy back in the 1980’s, he…
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