My views on the economic outlook of the United States and what the future has in store for us all.

Wisconsin Public Union Protest


In my opinion, the issues related to the Wisconsin union protests need to be simplified. There is a tremendous amount of spin taking place when it really boils down to just a couple things. One of them being funding. And let’s not forget this very important fact; the unions protesting all around the country are Public Worker Unions, not Private Worker Unions, like the United Auto Workers Union. While their goals are one and the same, there is a huge difference in how each is funded. Therefore, I’ll present my…
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Why the Stimulus Won’t Work

stimulus bill

The Federal Government hasn’t had a stash of money for a long time. In recent decades, the Federal Government has had to borrow more and more of the public’s money in order to keep the government running and to fund the various entitlement programs. But we’ve recently hit a point where we simply can’t keep borrowing money and expect to maintain the same level of entitlements we’ve grown accustomed to. The Federal Government doesn’t work for the money they spend. They don’t produce or sell anything that generates the money…
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When Will We Run Out of Oil – Peak Oil?

No one knows how much oil remains untapped beneath the Earth’s surface, but it’s a lot. To the surprise of many, we are not going to run out anytime soon, and there are a lot of people with vested interests in making sure no one knows. Big Oil, OPEC, speculators are all in the business of driving up oil prices to make a profit and as long as there’s uncertainty, they can manipulate prices. Also, the oil won’t dry up overnight. There will be a gradual decline where we find…
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Where are the Jobs?

President Barack Obama said in his State of the Union address (to a rousing ovation) that the focus of the White House in 2010 would be jobs, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Once again, he is hell bent on passing his party’s version of Health Care Reform and doesn’t seem to be taking the jobs situation seriously, despite the fact 1-in-10 people is without one. To boot, there was a surge in the monthly unemployment filings this month as more Americans find themselves without work. I wonder…
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The Government’s $700 Billion Bailout

The government has decided they will privatize profits, and socialize losses – but only for big corporations that are poorly run. You as a common citizen will not receive such treatment, and unlike the large corporations you will be held responsible for your poor decisions. The government isn’t interested in punishing the crooks who drove these companies into the ground, cost thousands of people their jobs, and who generated trillions in investor losses. They want to bail these companies out with OUR tax payer money and without our approval. Doesn’t…
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