Microsoft Windows

Solutions, tips, tricks and other information I’ve gathered over the years to resolve Microsoft Windows Issues. This includes Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 2012.

Disable Windows XP Indexing

Windows XP by default enables a feature called Fast Indexing. This is only useful if you frequently use the search option to find files or folders on your computer. Now, if you aren’t using this search capability every day there is absolutely no reason to have it enabled and it’s only slowing your computer down and taking up disk space. Disabling fast indexing will not hurt your computer at all. You can also re-enable it at any time: Open up My Computer Right-click on your local disk (c:) Select Properties…
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Disable Windows Error Reporting

One of the great enigmas of the Windows operating system has been the error reporting “feature”. When an application or process crashes, by default, Windows will pop up a message box prompting you to either send an error report or not to send an error report. If you chose to send the error report … well in reality, nothing good will ever come of it because in all likelihood the program that caused the error is not a Microsoft product. And why would Microsoft change their software to fix someone…
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