Microsoft Windows

Solutions, tips, tricks and other information I’ve gathered over the years to resolve Microsoft Windows Issues. This includes Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 2012.

Java Deployment Configuration and Properties

Java deployment has change with version 8, and for us, it changed how we deployed it to all our workstations. We operate 100+ Windows Clients and Servers on a classified closed network. By closed network, I mean it is not connected to the Internet and has point-to-point WAN connectivity to remote sites which first must pass through a TACLANE type-1 encryption device. This creates some problems when it comes to 3-party Java code and signing. Java version 8 is locked down quite a bit more as compared to previous versions….
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There are no more endpoints available …

After setting up a new Windows Server 2012 R2 x64 bit server as a printer server, I ran into a problem: There are no more endpoints available for the endpoint mapper. I couldn’t share any of the printers in the Printer Management interface. The solution (in my case) was quite simple, but not obvious, because the error message mentioned nothing related to printers. Our server is set up on a closed network (classified) that is not connected to the Internet or any other networks. Lots of GPOs are applied, which…
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Slow File Transfers Between Windows 7 and Server 2003

As my organization started to upgrade our domain-joined workstations from Windows XP to Windows 7, we ran into an issue with the clients browsing via DFS (Distributed File System) and file transfer speeds both over the LAN and the WAN. As the users explored the DFS tree, the navigation was extremely slow, sometimes in excess of 20 seconds drilling down just one directory level. Likewise, the file transfers were also very slow between the Windows 7 clients and the back-end Windows 2003 servers. The users were not happy. To make…
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Can’t open config file /usr/local/ssl/openssl.cnf

Given Windows XP is being phased out just about everywhere, I’m not sure how useful this blog is anymore, but it’s possible it might also apply to the other flavors of Windows. On Windows XP, Windows Vista and Probably Windows 7 you may see the error “can’t open config file /usr/local/ssl/openssl.cnf when running the openSSL executable. No big deal. The reason it can’t find the file is the environment variable OPENSSL_CONF is most likely not set, or is pointing to the wrong location. The solution is simple. Open up a…
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Disable IPv6 On Windows Server 2008

disable ipv6

Ran into a non-obvious problem the other day on our Windows Server 2008 boxes. I thought we could disable IPv6 by simply un-checking the IPv6 adapter checkbox. This apparently isn’t true. Within my DNS, WINS and WSUS servers, the Windows 2008 boxes were still registering using the IPv6 address instead of the IPv4 address, which was causing a few problems. Some of those problems had to do with name resolution errors. As an example, some of the servers were not receiving the group policy updates. We were also getting TCP…
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Group Policies Not Applied After Switching Domains

Ran into an issue where the group policies were not being applied to the workstations. Not the most ideal situation, but I found myself having to drop some Windows XP workstations after the domain controllers had been demoted and taken off-line. Normally, you would remove the workstations from the domain and put them into a workgroup prior to demoting the domain controllers, but I just wasn’t able to do that this time around (Long story). This is the problem I ran into. While on the old domain, I was pushing…
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Windows Server 2003 – Clustered Disk Signature Problem

I ran into an interesting problem with one of our Windows 2003 clusters the other day. I presented a new 2 TB LUN from our EVA8400 to one of the cluster nodes and for some reason the physical disk signature never replicated to the secondary cluster node. The result being, when I failed the cluster over to the secondary node, the disk immediately failed to come online, as did the share folder which was dependent upon the physical disk. My solution was quite simple, although I still don’t know what…
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