Network (Cisco)

Enable SSH on Cisco Switches

It’s probably best to use SSH these days when logging into a network switch. Telnet is enabled by default, but is less secure because the password is sent in clear-text. To enable SSH on a Cisco switch, perform the following steps: conf t aaa new-model username password crypto key generate rsa (Choose the bit size for the key) ip ssh time-out 60 ip ssh authentication-retries 2 ip ssh v2 line vty 0 15 transport input ssh exit wr NOTE: You must have an IOS which supports SSH loaded on the…
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Setting up a T1 Controller on a Cisco ASR1000

I’m not too verbose with Cisco, and I’d barely call myself a network administrator. But I’ve done enough to realize each Cisco router seems to be a little bit different. For example, on some routers the interface is the only thing you need to configure. But on some routers, you must also configure the controller as well. That was the case on our Cisco ASR1000 series router. As such, I had to configure the T1 interface as follows: config t controller t1 0/2/2 channel-group 2 timeslots 1-24 framing esf linecode…
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