Home Improvement

Home improvement projects I’ve completed and thought I’d share with other folks. Perhaps someone can learn from my mistakes and successes.

Melted Snow in Attic After Blizzard

snow in attic

The blizzard we had on December 20th, 2006 was probably the worst I’ve seen since living in Colorado Springs. The 10 minute average wind speed hovered around 45 mph for 3 hours and wind gusts frequently exceeded 55 mph. It was one nasty storm that caused a lot of problems all throughout the country. For us however, and most people I spoke with around town, the blizzard was troublesome for another less obvious reason. Due to the direction of the wind and the orientation of our home, the wind blew…
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Cold Air Infiltration Into House Under Subfloor

Over the last couple years, I’ve wondered why our master bedroom was on average about 10°F cooler than the rest of the house during the winter. At first, I thought it had to do with poor insulation or that the central air registers in that bedroom were not supplying enough warm air from the furnace. Turns out cold air infiltration was the culprit and it was seeping into our bedroom from two locations. Air infiltration is a bad thing. No matter how much insulation you have, cold air infiltration leaking…
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Insulating Furnace Ducts in Crawlspace

Insulaing ducts

Once again, Melody homes did yet another crap job, this time “forgetting” to insulate the duct work for our central air furnace which happens to run through a ventilated crawlspace. The duct work spiders off into many different directions to supply heat to our house, of which about 100′ runs through our crawlspace. So, during the winter the crawlspace is the same temperature as outside; about 20°F. Whenever the furnace is off, the duct work cools off to about 20°F and takes a good 30 seconds to heat up. As…
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Sealing Furnace Ducts with Mastic

Where we first bought our house, I found the ducting leaked a lot of conditioned air into non-conditioned spaces. Wherever two pieces of ducting connected to one another, there were gaps from which condition are leaked into unwanted areas. I was loosing quite a bit of energy by unintentionally heating parts of the house no one lived in, and was probably making it comfortable only to the bugs and other critters that might like some warmth during the winter months. Same goes with an cool air conditioner (if we had…
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Cold Air Blowing Through Wall Outlets

Air infiltration occurs when outside air finds its way inside your house. Most people notice this in the winter when cold air blows through a wall outlet on an exterior wall. Or in the summer when the hot 100°F air finds its way into your cool inside living space. You can expect higher heating and cooling bills if you have a lot of air infiltrating into your home. There are numerous locations from which outside air can find its way inside. Even more so in older houses, which are not…
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