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Law Enforcement Encrypting Scanner Transmissions

Police scanners are a part of every media outlet newsroom. They provide real-time audio access to police, fire and paramedic emergency calls as they come in. It’s how news crews get to the scene of an accident or an emergency situation quickly — in some cases before the first responders….

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Police Scanner 10 Codes

Police use the 10 codes to simplify an event into a number. It’s much easier and more clear on a police radio to say 10-7 rather than ‘out of service’, especially when radio transmissions can be garbled or hard to understand. I’m not sure if all police departments still use…

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Digital Trunking Police Scanner

When I was a kid, I used to spend hours listening to my 20-channel Radio Shack police scanner, often times waking up to an alert or static that broke the squelch. Over the course of five or so years, all the police and fire departments started moving to the 800…

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