Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees Indoors

Fruit Tree

Dwarf fruit trees are incredibly fun to grow. And despite their small compact size, it’s amazing how much fruit they produce. It can however, be a challenge to grow these trees in the colder climates such as Colorado, but it is possible to have a high-yielding fruit tree without a whole lot of hassle. From the late Spring to late Fall, I leave my dwarf lemon and lime trees outside, and they do extremely well. For the colder months when the temperatures start to drop below freezing, I have to…
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Are Plastic Pots Safe for Growing Vegetables and Fruit?

In some climates, it’s easier to grow vegetables and dwarf fruit trees in plastic pots or containers rather than the ground. Such is the case in the higher elevations of Colorado Springs where the winters are long, the ground is very compacted, and the dry summer winds sap moisture from the leaves and the ground. Very little grows naturally in this area, except a small variety of weeds, grasses and the ever resilient Cottonwood tree. For these reasons, many of us in this area grow our vegetables and small dwarf…
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Growing Aspen Trees in Colorado

Aspen Trees

High in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado one can find an abundance of Aspen trees. With their brilliant white bark and green leaves turn shimmering yellow in the Autumn, their beauty is a magnet for visitors from all around the world. An Aspen tree main trunk can live anywhere from 40 to about 150 years. The root system below ground can live for thousands of years and will produce lots of sprouts, commonly known as “suckers”. Aspens love lots of direct sunlight and new trees will have a very hard…
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DIY Greenhouse in Colorado

Colorado greenhouse

Gardening in Colorado can prove quite challenging, especially during the spring months when temperatures can swing 50°F from one day to the next. To complicate matters, hail is quite common and can destroy a garden in seconds. Even pea-sized hail can shred through the green leaves and pit most vegetables and fruits. This has happened to us the last few years and ultimately resulted in us restarting from seeds in June. This knocked off a couple months from the growing season. That’s why a greenhouse is almost necessary when growing…
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