Green Power

Ways to improve the efficiency of your home using alternative and renewable energy sources.

Increase Your Vehicle Fuel Economy

car traveling road

Gasoline powered cars are very inefficient. Close to 80% of the energy released by combustion is lost to heat. The rest is converted to mechanical energy to propel your car.There isn’t much you can do about the energy lost to heat, but you can ensure some things don’t waste the mechanical energy. Diesel and gasoline prices fluctuate a lot. In some places of the country, they are over $5 a gallon, while in others they are below $3. No matter where you live, it’s always nice to save a little…
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How to Ground Solar Panels Correctly

When installing a solar Photo-voltaic system (PV), it is extremely important all the equipment is grounded correctly. Failure to ground the entire system to include all the individual pieces, can be devastating, especially in an area that experiences lightning on a regular basis. Even if you seldom have electrical storms, all it takes is one lightning strike or a single lose wire and all the equipment can be destroyed. Worse yet, it can start a fire and cause even more damage to your home. Electricity follows the path of least…
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Gasoline vs Electric Vehicles: Which is Better?

In recent years, the debate over gasoline vs electric cars has gathered momentum with the recent success of Tesla Motors. It’s been very difficult for the eletric car because they are usually too expense, not sporty enough, and have limited range. But that isn’t the case anymore. Strangely enough, the first electric car was created in the year 1828 by the Gungarian, Ányos Jedlik. Crude in nature, it was very slow and was very impractical. In 1899, a Belgian by the name of Camille Jénatzy built an electric racing car…
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Vent a Clothes Dryer Inside Your Home

First and foremost, this blog entry refers only to electric clothes dryers. Do not vent your gas clothes dryer inside your house. This is extremely dangerous and can be fatal! I cannot stress this enough. It is not possible to vent a gas dryer inside your house under any circumstances. We live in Colorado where the humidity levels are very low. Especially in the winter when the furnace heats the already dry air, lowering the humidity even lower. Most people add a humidifier to their furnace, but they are messy…
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Wasted Electricity – Vampire Power

Vampire power is a way to describe the electricity wasted by some electronic devices even when they are not in use. Examples include TV’s, DVR’s, automated coffee machines, printers, power bricks for laptops, iPhones, iPads and much, much more. So, just how much electricity are these devices really using, even when they are supposedly turned “off”? In the old days, when you turned something off, it really turned off. There was no more electrical draw from the wall outlet. But in the new world, turning something “off” doesn’t necessarily mean…
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Benefits of Electric Vehicles Over Gasoline

In the past, electric cars were more of a joke than a practical solution. Even today, when most people think about an electric car they immediately remember the EV-1, a tiny little shoe box that could barely travel at freeway speeds and had a range of at most 70 miles. It’s understandable why no one was interested; It simply wasn’t fun and was barely practical. However, the electric car has drastically changed since then. The Tesla Roadster is an all electric car, but get this: it can accelerate from 0…
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Is Ethanol (E85) Good or Bad?

You’ve probably heard of E85, or maybe you’ve even seen a few gas stations selling this stuff. Perhaps you’ve read that it’s the new, greener alternative fuel for cars that’s supposed to help wean us off our foreign dependency on oil. After all, anything that can achieve that is a good thing, right? Well, maybe not. Ethanol is basically a high proof alcohol (just like we drink) which is created by fermenting organic matter such as sugar cane, corn, wheat, grains, and even our trash (source: Technology Review) and turning…
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