Benghazi Consulate Attacked Because of YouTube Video?

Ever been stuck on a problem for hours, or maybe days, and then all of a sudden the solution just pops into your mind? And without having to think too hard about it, you know it’s right, or at least really darn close? I had one of those moments when thinking about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya in which U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith were killed. The weird thing is, it’s not that complicated and I have no idea why it wasn’t obvious right from the beginning.

Here are the facts about the Benghazi attack:

  • Fact #1 – The day on which the attack occurred; September 11th, 2012. Coincidence? Maybe, but it’s a 1 out of 365 chance.
  • Fact #2 – Those who attacked the consulate had mortars and RPG’s. That doesn’t sound like your typical riot. People don’t spontaneously pull mortars and RPGs from their cars and start rioting. Not even in Libya.
  • Fact #3 – There was no security detail at the consulate. The Ambassador was there with just a few other people, two of whom happened to be ex-Navy Seals who were working for the CIA. But they were not his security detail. Meanwhile, the Ambassador in France had two Marine units protecting him. Most odd.
  • Fact #4 – The ex-Navy Seal posts on a gaming website that the “police” were taking pictures of the compound. He was nervous. Big time. Why post on a gaming website? Was he doing this because he told the people on the website he would post something if he felt like he was in danger?
  • Fact #5 – Requests for additional security from Stevens himself, to Hillary Clinton were ignored. A previous attack a week earlier left a hole in the compound’s exterior wall. Why was no additional security provided after that? Why on earth would you stick around? Why weren’t they evacuated? This makes no sense.
  • Fact #6 – The British consulate, which is literally next to the US consulate, was evacuated weeks earlier because they deemed it was no longer safe.
  • Fact #7 – The President, CIA, and the State Department were watching the whole attack real-time in the White House via a UAV. We know this because the President said they have video of the attackers (they also admitted it). Sadly, just 1 hour away was a US Navy base with a quick response military team. The whole reason we have bases all over the world is so we can react to events like this and be there within an hour. They were never dispatched.
  • Fact 8# – The Turkey Consul General met with Stevens in the compound on the night of the attack. Why the hell meet there? Why the hell was he there? The General was allowed to leave unharmed just hours before the attack started.
  • Fact #9 – The day after the attack, President Obama had 10 reports on his desk indicating this was a terrorist attack. None of them stated a video as the cause of the attack. None of them mentioned it was a riot.

Despite all this, the White House conclusion was as follows – It was a spontaneous riot due to a Youtube video produced and released two months earlier. You kidding me? I’m supposed to believe that? I’m supposed to disregard all the above facts and just coincidence? These people are morons to believe this. Plain and simple.

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