Associated Press (AP): Biased to the Left?

News agencies and journalists have always been biased to one side of the political spectrum or the other. It’s nothing new. No matter how far back in time one goes, every single media outlet, magazine and newspaper has exhibited some form of bias.

So it should come as no shock to anyone, that the media is still biased today. Some like to think one agency is less biased than another, and while that may be true, one must always keep an open mind and apply critical thinking skills when reading any published article on the internet or in print.

Associated Press

In my opinion, the Associated Press (AP) was pretty close to neutral. Perhaps a small tilt to the left. But I’ve recently seen an uptick in their publishing that pushes the liberal left narrative.

Let’s dissect this article that was featured as a top headline on the Drudge Report and point out the bias. If you’re wondering why I chose AP and not CNN, FOX, MSNBC or some of the other outlets, well, that’s because we already know they are extremely biased. AP was one of the few close to the middle, but as you’ll see, not so much anymore.

Remember, these are just small snippets from the AP article. The link is above if you want full context.

Yet to Trump, there often appears to be little difference between the two lawyers.

This above quote is an example of opinion, as the author is assuming he knows what Trump thinks. No examples or proof are included in the article to back this statement. Yet it is written as fact. A statement like this could easily be removed, and it should, unless examples are provided or the article should be reclassified as Editorial or Opinion.

Kathleen Clark, a legal ethics professor at Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, said Trump is treating the country’s attorney general as if he’s just another personal lawyer.

This statement is fine, but what’s missing is a rebuttal from another credible source with the opposing viewpoint, unless the author is trying to push a narrative. By cherry-picking a statement from one opinionated source, it again illustrates the bias.

In a “news” segment that’s supposed to be unbiased, both sides or viewpoints are to be discussed so the reader can make up their own mind. I can find professors who believes the Earth is flat. If I only quoted someone who had that opinion, that would be pushing a biased narrative, because I’m trying to make you believe what I’m writing rather than presenting the arguments and letting the reader figure it out on their own. The author is clearly presenting just one side of the political story as fact and makes no attempt to present arguments or statements from the other side.

Trump has sought, without evidence, to implicate the Biden’s in the kind of corruption that has long plagued Ukraine.

The author either doesn’t watch or read other media outlets, or has just chosen to ignore the Joe Biden confession on video. There is absolutely evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption (see video below). Then Vice President of the United States confessed on video that he engaged in withholding $1 billion dollars of US aid to the Ukraine unless they fired a lawyer who was investigating a firm his son (Hunter Biden) was working for.

The problem with the AP is that they don’t want to mention the video because it goes against the bias of this article, which is to implicate Trump is the one who is corrupt, which is incredibly ironic since Biden confessed to doing exactly the thing the author is insinuating Trump is doing.

Since YouTube is burying this video as are most of the major US media outlets (like the Associated Press), I had to go to Russian Television (RT) to get a copy. Isn’t that sad? In the United States, I have to go to Russia to get information because our media withholds it.

But that’s just the new normal. Media outlets are not interested in selling people unbiased and factual news. As this article illustrates, they are only interested in pushing their biased narrative.

People gravitate towards the sources of information that best align with their beliefs, which is why more media outlets chose to pick a constituency, rather than presenting unbiased information. It’s almost as if people don’t want the truth anymore. They just want to be right, or have their own beliefs confirmed.

If AP re-classified this article as Opinion or Editorial, I’d have no problem with it whatsoever. That’s freedom of speech. Editorials are inherently biased, which is why they use to have their own section in the newspaper (not on the front page). This was so the reader knew right from the start that the article was opinion, and not necessarily based upon fact alone.

There is no evidence that Hunter Biden was ever under investigation in Ukraine.

There is evidence; the layer in the Ukraine that Joe Biden referenced in the video above. If someone confesses on TV that they just robbed a store or murdered someone, the video becomes evidence. The reason there isn’t more evidence, is because no one has launched an official investigation. Sounds to me like they should.

Associated Press made a mistake with this one, and thus leans even further to the political left in my opinion.