Affordable Healthcare Act is Destroying People’s Lives

affordable health careThe goodies (I say that sarcastically) in the Affordable Healthcare Act should come as no surprise to those who can read and don’t follow lock-and-step with what their government tells them. Especially this one. Many had been warning the public about this disaster for years and still very few listened. Or, they just ignored the issue thinking it can’t be as bad as the naysayers are making it out to be. We’re only a month into this nightmare and Freddy Kruger is gaining strength. Sadly, it’s about to get a whole lot worse, and this titanic of a mistake is barreling full-steam ahead into a highly visible iceberg the size of Greenland in broad daylight.

Let’s debunk each of the lies, or the misspeaks as the New York Times calls them, that this administration has been selling the good people of this great country and let’s start with the cocky people. The ones who think this unaffordable healthcare law won’t affect them. Just because they haven’t received one of these health insurance cancellation notices (click here) doesn’t mean they’ve got a lifeboat. Buckle up! They’re employer is about to price them out of their plan, and force them into the exchanges.

The new affordable healthcare law states that employers who provide healthcare plans, now only have to fund 60% of their plan’s cost. You think they’ll continue to pay the majority of the costs if they don’t have to? Of course not! They are going to lower their contribution towards your plan and make you pick up the difference. Once you’re paying upwards of 40% of your current healthcare plan, it will be cost effective for you to drop your employer based plan, and enter the exchanges. The whole motive of a corporation is to increase profits, so they relish the idea of you getting your healthcare plan elsewhere. That means they pay less out of profits to fund your healthcare costs.

But, but … my employer is nice. They like me. I’m valued. They’ll continue to offer this awesome plan I have.

Don’t you remember the rumor of a Cadillac Plan, which is not as cool as it sounds? The one that states if your employer based health plan is too good, the company has to pay a luxury tax in addition to the their share of your plan to help fund the other less fortunate insurance plans the poor people can’t afford? Ta-da! It’s true! Corporations are not going to continue offering “too good” of insurance plans if they are going to pay a tax on top of covering your insurance costs. Trust me on this one. They’ll simply drop it in favor of a cheap plan that costs less. A lot less. In fact, if I put on my mean ‘ol CEO hat for a second to solve this problem, I’d pick up the crappiest insurance plan that meets regulations, contribute only 60% and see how many people opt out. In fact, as an incentive to drop my company’s crappy plan, I’d give each person who opts out a whopping $100 monthly subsidy towards the health exchange plan of their choice. I’m not breaking the law because I still offer a qualified healthcare plan and it’s way cheaper for me. I’ll get a big bonus as well, since I’d be saving the company a crap ton of money.

But I already have non-employer based insurance that I pay for out-of-pocket. I get to keep it! So there!

People who have non-employer based health plans are getting these crazy folded up pieces of paper in an machine-licked envelope delivered to their homes (or apartments). Oh look honey, it’s a nice letter from the insurance company wishing us good tidings and a safe holiday! I’ll let you in on a little secret: any mail you get from an insurance company is either an invoice for an outstanding balance, or to let you know you suck and they don’t want to be your friend anymore.

For millions of people, the insurance plan they used to have sucks according to the Affordable Healthcare Act. The cool 7,000 page bill that we had to pass to know what’s in it set new standards on what qualifies as an acceptable health insurance plan, and a lot of people’s plans that they loved, no longer qualify.

Let’s say you had a lease on a simple, practical, inexpensive Japanese car that got you to and from work each day with no problems. It had just enough features for the price, to make you happy. But now, the car Czar says your car sucks and he want’s you to lease a new car that weighs twice as much, uses seven wheels, and gets way less MPGs for twice as much. Oh, and if you don’t lease the Czar’s car, he’ll just take you money anyways come tax time.

So all those who were promised they could keep their existing plan, were lied to. Remember Obama plastering this into our heads (see video above)? Now he’s saying, that he really said “as long as the insurance companies don’t change your plan” despite all the video evidence on the internet stating otherwise. This guy is such a tool, and the people who believe him are nothing but screws getting screwed. This a major change for some people and it can quite literally be the difference between life and death if they can no longer been seen by their oncologist.

If you’re one of those screwed screws, off you go, forced to use the half-a-billion-dollar website (created by a Canadian firm that was fired because they failed to create a working website for Canada’s socialistic healthcare utopia) that doesn’t work, only to find a few plans that cost a crap-ton more money than they were previously paying, have extremely high out-of-pocket expenses, and very low maximums. Punk’d comes to mind.

But at least I can keep my doctor. Obama said so. So, there!

Wrong again! It’s possible the doctor who’s seen your junk may not participate in the exchange plan you purchase. So you, along with thousands of other people, will have to find a new doctor that is willing to touch you in places and go where no man has gone before.

With fewer physicians participating, and more people needing a “Captain Kirk”, doctor’s offices are going to get quite busy. You may have to wait weeks before you can get an appointment. Not a big deal if you’re seeing a doctor for your yearly physical. But what if you’ve got a painful hemorrhoid? A lump on your boob? A nasty cough? A hernia? Or you need to get a biopsy result to see if that mole was cancerous or not? Sorry, get a ticket and wait in line.

But I’m poor! So it’s free! Like my Obama phone and my Obama cash!

This is where we start to feel some tension in the air. For most people, a new monthly payment of $300 means they can’t get as cool an apartment or car. But let’s talk about the poor people for a minute, and how screwed they are. You know, the 51% of the entire US population who don’t pay taxes because they are too poor? The 51% who are living in poverty and are about to find out this shit ain’t free after all. Guess what “Obama cash lady”, you gotta pay too! The good news is, you get a little help in the form of a redistribution of wealth called a subsidy. The bad news is, it ain’t nearly enough and you’ll get a refund of the difference at the end of the tax year. If you’re Walmart greeter career pays you roughly $30,000 a year and you have two kids, you’re going to pay about $300 a month, after the little handout from the Federal Government. That’s about 12% of your salary. So think of it this way: what you once got for free, you now have to pay for … a lot more. The anointed one just decided he wanted all his money back, and then some. It’s nothing but a shell game that the poor are now being forced to play.

Having more kids won’t help either. Each kid you add, increases your healthcare costs. Some peeps gonna be pissed! It’s about to get real in the inner-cities. I now know why IRS employees carry guns and why major city police departments are purchasing riot gear. Some people simply cannot afford this new healthcare law.

And to round off the lies, the Federal Government is about to bailout the insurance companies. Don’t scoff, because it’s already happening via subsidies. You see, there aren’t nearly enough people signing up for the healthcare plans for various reasons. Maybe they can’t afford it, or maybe they would rather pay the small fine instead of dishing out hundreds of dollars a month for something they don’t want. Whatever the reason, the concept of insurance only works when there is more money going into the insurance plan that is coming out.

When people sign up for a healthcare exchange plan, the price is fixed for the year and cannot rise. Problem is, too few people are signing up for the cost of the plans. Therefore, more insurance money is being spent than is coming in (kind of like the federal deficit; too little in tax revenue and too much spending). Unless a lot more people sign up, the insurance companies will lose millions of dollars on these exchange health plans they have signed. They were counting on people signing up, but they’re not. That’s why the Federal Government is giving the insurance companies millions of dollars to subsidize the plans that don’t have enough participants. And then next year, having learned from their mistake, the insurance companies will jack up the price of their insurance plans to make up for the losses. The people who can barely afford a plan now, will have to pay even more next year. The other possibility is the insurance companies pullout of the exchanges. There is no law stating they have to participate.

It’s a disaster folks, and this is just the beginning. There are so many unknowns and consequences we have yet to encounter as a result of this 7,000 page bill. As Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in it“. Well, it’s been passed and it’s starting to take effect.

Do you like what you see?

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