RAW vs JPEG: Which Format is Better for Photographers?

Many beginning photographers are confused on the difference between JPEG and RAW. Is one better than the other, and if so, how and why? It all boils down to who, or what, post-processes the photosensor data. Post-processing is the process of manipulating saturation, sharpness, white-balance, lens-correction, noise reduction, highlights, shadows, and a whole bunch of other variables. You can have the camera do it for you, in which case it’s going to create a JPEG file. Of, if you want to do the post-processing yourself, you’ll want to record the…
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Deleted My Facebook Account for Good!

Delete Facebook

At one time I was addicted to Facebook. Pure and simple. I checked my posts every 5 to 10 minutes looking for that  dopamine high one gets when they see people liking their posts. I craved the interaction, the replies, the sympathy, and people agreeing with me. I loved standing on my proverbial soapbox, posting stuff on my timeline that was tantamount to speaking publicly in front to 300+ “friends”. Something I’d never, ever do in a real life public forum. Oh, how I hate public speaking. I felt like…
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Block Windows 10 From Tracking You

There is no reason an operating system needs to phone home telemetry data in order to function properly. The sole purpose for this capability is so the operating system can report back statistics about computer use, operator habits, and other things which can then be analyzed and/or provided to other third parties to help them develop or improve their products. Unix, Linux, Solaris, OpenVMS, and a multitude of others don’t phone home, so there is no reason Windows 10 needs to either. Good news is, you can block the telemetry…
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GPL CHAT Jabber/Google Talk Outgoing Traffic

I found a bunch of outgoing consecutive GPL CHAT Jabber/Google Talk Outgoing Traffic packets on my LAN interface in my pfSense Suricata log today and found it rather interesting. Although Suricata doesn’t seem to think it’s suspicious based on the class message it returned, I do. The IP from which the traffic originated from was my iPhone. Moreover, I don’t have Jabber or Google talk installed on it. Still yet, the destination IP address was ec2-54-159-108-26.compute-1.amazonaws.com. The only thing I was doing on the phone around that time was using…
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ASUS and TrendMicro Data Collection

Through the years, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten into a conversation about privacy, only to have the other person say “I have nothing to hide, so let them spy on me.” I don’t even bother arguing with them anymore, and usually just smile and nod as if I’m agreeing with them so they will just stop talking. If you are one of those people, just leave this webpage now. There is nothing here for you. For those that do care, and know that…
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Growing Aspens in Colorado

Aspen Trees

High in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado one can find an abundance of Aspen trees. With their brilliant white bark and spring green leaves shimmering yellow in the Autumn, their beauty is a magnet for visitors from all around the world. If you’re a homeowner in Colorado and want the same beauty to gaze upon from the comforts of your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. They won’t grow anywhere and can be quite a nuisance for some. An Aspen tree main trunk can live anywhere…
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Photography Using Moonlight

Scott Book Photography

Nothing like being deep in the Rocky Mountains under a full moon. There is enough reflected light that one can usually walk around without the aid of a flashlight. There is even enough light to take some really cool photographs of the surrounding landscape without any fancy equipment. About the only things one needs are a camera with “bulb” setting, a tripod and a good subject to photograph. However, finding the right scene can take some planning. I usually take mental notes of neat and interesting places while I’m out…
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