Ideas for Chicken Coop Bedding


Chickens aren’t too particular when it comes to their bedding. In reality, it’s probably you who is more particular than the chickens because you are the one that has to clean up after them. However, there are some health concerns that need to be addressed, because the chickens don’t always know what is best for them. The bedding on the floor of the coop serves a few purposes; provide comfort…
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Backyard Chicken Eggs Are More Healthy


Backyard chicken raising has become quite popular over the last few years. I don’t think there is any one reason, but rather a few good reasons why. The reasons we did it are twofold; fresh healthy eggs and for the fun of it. First of all, eggs are not bad for you. They are very good for you and have lots of nutritional value. A few decades back, a war…
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Colorado Backyard Chicken Coop


After months of planning and thoughtful research, I designed and built my own chicken coop from scratch. I could have bought one of the prefab kits online, but after looking them over and reading reviews, they simply wouldn’t withstand the weather on the Colorado plains. I needed something a lot more sturdy and heavy so it wouldn’t blow away in the 40 mph winds we are frequently subjected to out…
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Why I Have a Landline Phone Again


Years ago, I struggled with the idea of cancelling my landline phone and relying solely on my cell phone. The main reason for doing so was cost savings. The landline phone was costing me somewhere around $40 a month after taxes and all the options. I didn’t see any reason to keep paying for it when my cell phone offered far more features and it was mobile. After much debate,…
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