Vacationing In St Lucia At The Coconut Bay Resort

Coconut Bay Resort, St Lucia

My family’s new goal is to have at least one vacation a year, someplace new, and someplace warm. Since nearly all of us come from Colorado, it’s nice to get a break from the winter cold. So, after over a year of planning and debate, we chose the all-inclusive Coconut Bay Resort in St Lucia during early January, 2020 for our 8 day vacation. In total, nine of us went. My family of four, my sister’s family of four, and my mother all made the 8.5 hour flight(s) from Denver…
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Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees Indoors

Fruit Tree

Dwarf fruit trees are incredibly fun to grow. And despite their small compact size, it’s amazing how much fruit they produce. It can however, be a challenge to grow these trees in the colder climates such as Colorado, but it is possible to have a high-yielding fruit tree without a whole lot of hassle. From the late Spring to late Fall, I leave my dwarf lemon and lime trees outside, and they do extremely well. For the colder months when the temperatures start to drop below freezing, I have to…
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Are Plastic Pots Safe for Growing Vegetables and Fruit?

In some climates, it’s easier to grow vegetables and dwarf fruit trees in plastic pots or containers rather than the ground. Such is the case in the higher elevations of Colorado Springs where the winters are long, the ground is very compacted, and the dry summer winds sap moisture from the leaves and the ground. Very little grows naturally in this area, except a small variety of weeds, grasses and the ever resilient Cottonwood tree. For these reasons, many of us in this area grow our vegetables and small dwarf…
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Xfinity and NHL Center Ice: Few HD Channels (2019-2020)

How in the world does Xfinity not have all the NHL Center Ice games in HD? It’s baffling to me that a cable provider as big as Xfinity in 2019 doesn’t have every channel in HD. So, fair warning to all those NHL Hockey fans thinking of getting Xfinity and the NHL Center Ice Package: be prepared for disappointment. As of the 2019-2020 season, there are only two dedicated channels for NHL Center Ice on Xfinity that are in HD. But what happens if more than two games are playing?…
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Associated Press (AP): Biased to the Left?

Associated Press

News agencies and journalists have always been biased to one side of the political spectrum or the other. It’s nothing new. No matter how far back in time one goes, every single media outlet, magazine and newspaper has exhibited some form of bias. So it should come as no shock to anyone, that the media is still biased today. Some like to think one agency is less biased than another, and while that may be true, one must always keep an open mind and apply critical thinking skills when reading…
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Recession Imminent Due to Liquidity Problem?

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell

UPDATE: Since this original post, the Fed has now pumped more than $1T into the banking Repo markets and there is no end in sight. Fed Chairman Powell today indicated the US was not heading into a recession and said the economy is doing quite well. Consumer spending is up, housing starts are good. But in the same breath indicated the Fed was again cutting its lending rate by a quarter of a percentage point. Seems rather contradictory considering the Fed cuts its rate when it needs to spur the…
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RAW vs JPEG: Which Format is Better?

Many photographers don’t fully understand the differences between JPEG and RAW files. Many wonder if one better than the other, and if so, how and why? Quality-wise, there is no difference between a RAW file and a JPEG. In truth, that statement doesn’t really make sense, because a JPEG is created from the RAW data on the camera. Either your camera creates the JPEG from the RAW data, or you the photographer creates the JPEG from the RAW data using software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Post-processing is the process…
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